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Been a cementer from Day 1 and invited to collaborate with Fossten on an Eminent Domain article in March 2016. That "mistake" by Fossten led to me taking a more active blogging role, much to the regret of cementers and other mods alike.Current focus is on legal issues related to lending, foreclosure, the CFPB and Real Estate in general. Also specialize in "California Stupid" articles, showing how my home state is so totally wacko.Provides background and context to the issues of the day which frequently sees me tossed in the Sparta Dungeon from what I write.My dog Gigi assists me in writing, grammar and spell checking. She has her own series, "The Adventures of Gigi" which she writes when not playing, eating, sleeping, or taking walks.


It has been over two months since BizChuck was shown the door. A kindred spirit, I have missed having him around.  We had such great discussions, agreeing on everything. In the spirit of Easter, where…


There is currently a “civil war” raging in the Republican Party. (I use Republican and Conservative interchangeably, though there are many who will disagree that they are similar. We will not argue th…


For the U.S., societal changes are influencing the Fertility Rates or women in the U.S. Currently, the rate of 1.84 births per woman average indicates that U.S. born population is decreasing and will …

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