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    Another Take on the Omnibus Signing

    Two days have now passed since President Trump signed the Omnibus Spending bill. Whether Sparta Report, Breitbart, Gate Pundit or many other websites, conservatives are continuing to gnash their teeth and condemn his actions. More

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    It is now being reported by the AP that just like Comey, he kept detailed memos of interactions with President Trump.  Likely, he has other memos as well, detailing conversations with others in the FBI and elsewhere, that would implicate “others” in their plans to force President Trump from office. More

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    Draining the DC Swamp – One Vile Creature at a Time

    The Friday Night Massacre of Andrew McCabe is the first of the vile creatures caught in the nets used to drain the DC swamp. McCabe’s attempting to run and hide by “retiring” was not enough to prevent him from succumbing to the “suction of the pump”. He was caught up in it and fired, and now he likely faces prosecution. More

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    The United States and the Product Life Cycle

    The US was born as a country, the result of a Product Life Cycle change. As the Colonies tired of British rule, they sought something more, their own governance. The British tried to hang on, by crushing the upstart Colonialists, but were unable to do so. And so the US was born. More

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    There is currently a “civil war” raging in the Republican Party. (I use Republican and Conservative interchangeably, though there are many who will disagree that they are similar. We will not argue that point in this article.)  As different factions fight for control of the party, it is time to ask:

    What is a Republican/Conservative?
    Who qualifies as a Republican/Conservative?
    Who should be considered a part of the Conservative/Republican Party?

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