Would allow McCabe to keep his retirement

Democrat Congressman Mark Pocan from the 2nd District of Wisconsin, has just offered disgraced and fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe a job position. If taken, then McCabe could likely qualify to keep his pension.

Rep. Mark Pocan on Twitter

Andrew call me. I could use a good two-day report on the biggest crime families in Washington, D.C.

Of course, Anti-Trumper MSNBC media witch Andrea Mitchell was the first to recommend such an approach to assist McCabe.

Andrea Mitchell on Twitter

One suggestion from a McCabe supporter: if a friendly member of Congress hired him for a week he could possibly qualify for pension benefits by extending his service the extra days

Mitchell and Rep Pocan prove that the DC Swamp will take a lot more draining in many different areas before we can begin to recover our country.

Exit Question:

Why hasn’t Andrea Mitchell been eaten by the alligators and crocodiles infesting the DC Swamp?

Answer:  She is so ugly they won’t even touch her.


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