The Politics of Kittens (and Cats)

The Politics of Kittens (and cats)

By Caturday Special [Note 1}

Long time lurker here who just loves the Caturday posts. Never seen so many cute and special kittens and cats. You are all so lucky.

Looking at the Caturday photos, had the realization that kittens and cats had their own type of politics. Republicans could take a lesson from them, beginning with making the Kitten a symbol of the Party then adopt the characteristics of kittens and cats.

By now, everyone must think I am a “loon cat lady”, but please hear me out.

Kittens have their own personalities. They can be fun, serious, lazy or adventurous. It all depends upon their mood. So what can Republicans take from kittens?

Kittens are independent. They really have no need for people. Republicans need to be more independent themselves.

Kittens and cats don’t care whether you like them or not. You hate them, they have nothing to do you you. Republicans need to learn to not care either whether Dems like them or not.

Kittens and cats know how to treat people, all people are their slaves.  Republicans need to learn how to treat people (Democrats) beneath them.

Cats and kittens are great pest hunters. And they don’t even need weapons. Republicans need to learn how to hunt down pests, with a weapon or not.

Kittens are very agile.

Kittens and cats can hide their thoughts and pain well. Republicans constantly reveal their true thoughts Republicans should learn to conceal theirs better.

Kittens hide and cover up their feces from predators. Republicans constantly sling theirs at each other.

Kittens are true meat eaters. No vegetarians allowed. Republicans need to learn how to eat raw red meat so that they can grow a pair.

Kittens are aloof and very happy being alone and on their own. Republicans cry and whine because they are afraid to be alone. So they end up running to anyone who will have them.

Cats and kittens dominate those they come in contact with. Republicans bend their heads down and go submissive. They need to learn to dominate.

Kittens and cats are sneaky and deceptive. They use these tactics to hunt and to get what they want. Republicans need to learn this behavior when dealing with Democrats.

There you have it. Kittens and cats behave in ways that Republicans can only envy now. Republicans need to change their symbol to the kitten and then learn the ways of kittens and cats. Only then will they truly be able to compete with Democrats.

[Note 1: Yes, it’s Patrick. Emerging from a long slumber to find that Trump is still President and this is still a cuck site]

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