Friday, October 20, 2017

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Democrats love Trump’s tax plan if they don’t know he is behind it

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This is how far gone the Democrats are now. When the interviewer describes and lists the points of President Trump's tax plans, the Democrats are completely in favor of the plans... when Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has his name attached to them.When President Donald...

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Hugh Hefner is Really Dead: PLAYBOY Features Trans Playmate

If the Big Bunny wasn't already in his grotto-like grave this would probably put him there: The latest issue of Playboy features a transgender playmate, a first...

Let Richard Spencer Speak!

Richard Spencer is free to express his beliefs no matter how distasteful they may be.

Catalonia’s Leadership Just Made a Huge Mistake in their Desire to Secede from Spain

Mariano Rajoy, the prime minister of Spain, gave Carles Puigdemont until 10 AM local time (4 AM EDT) Thursday to shed light on whether Catalonia will act on the referendum that was voted on earlier this month that called for independence.

No, President Trump Does Not Support Bailing Out Insurance Companies

The media insisted that the President was supportive of the Alexander-Murray bill, when in fact, he never was.

Trump Didn’t Start the Fire: Bush and Obama Speak on the Politics of Division on Same Day. – A KJ Analysis

Trump represented a movement of dissatisfaction, the dissent, unhappiness, division cultivated by years of identity politics and the bullying of arrogant, insufferable, intolerant social...

51-49 Senate Passes Budget Bill, Paving Way for Tax Reform Legislation

The Senate just passed with a vote of 51-49 a budget reconciliation bill that will allow the Senate to waive the 60 vote rule...

“Dialogue is Violence”

...and Violence is free speech. Well, if Antifa commits it, yeah.

Ohio Newspaper publishes front page photo of President Trump with a Hitler Mustache

Does Roger Goodell edit this newspaper?Here is the lame apology for publishing the photo: The Wapakoneta Daily News regrets the image of President Donald Trump...

Government Ordered to Drive Illegal Child to Abortion Clinic

Isn't that title so much better than U.S. judge orders Trump administration to allow abortion for undocumented teen ?Can this stuff get any nuttier?The U.S. judge...

Open Thread

Morning Thread.

How Low Can the Dems Go? Now, They’re Using Gold Star Families to Attack Trump. Irony is Embarrassed.

  Democrat Congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof). Sad! - President Donald...

Massachusetts School Cancels Halloween Because “Diversity”

As we've seen with video games, comics, and everything else fun, if liberals don't think holidays, hobbies, or entertainment can be used to properly...

Mueller investigated Putin bribing Clinton Foundation in 2010 and covered it up

From The Hill: The investigation was ultimately supervised by then-U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, an Obama appointee who now serves as President Trump’s deputy attorney general,...

20 Years Now…

Like a rock.

Uh oh: VICE ‘journalist’ gets fired, apologizes after being accused of sexual harassment

Another Gamergate casualty, and this time of his own making, despite his braggadocio.Sam Kriss, a journalist for Vice and The Guardian, recently was accused...

Satanist Drag Queen hosts Children’s Time at California Library

Standing on the shoulders of freaks.

The Death of Initiative

Don't just do something; stand there.