The New Green Deal - Agriculture and Farming

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The New Green Deal is focused upon eliminating greenhouse gases across all sectors of the US economy, including the elimination of autos, planes, most trains and buses. But this is not enough. The NGD also wants to eliminate greenhouse gases caused by agricultural farming and dairy/cattle industries.

The NGD states:

“eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacturing, agricultural and other industries, including by investing in local-scale agriculture in communities across the country;”

What can we expect from this 23 word phrase?

Ocasio Cortez has already indicated what to expect with raising cattle. Experts have indicated that cattle “emissions” contribute 7% of the total of all greenhouse gases. The NGD would require that cattle emissions be regulated in some manner.

How does one eliminate or capture cattle emissions? Is there a filtering machine that can be hooked up to the appropriate orifice that can filter the gaseous emissions? Or is there a plug that can be used to bottle up the emissions? Of course not.

The reality is that there is only one solution to the “crisis of cattle emissions.” That is the elimination of all cattle raising and the elimination of eating red meat. All expected from people who want to remake the world with such extreme measures. (I wonder what babies and children will drink when there is no more milk.)

Agriculture involves much more than just raising cattle. It is the fruits and the vegetables we it, the wheat and the corn made into flour that we cook and bake with, the eggs from chicken, poultry farming, pigs, turkeys and other sources of meat. All of this will be affected in some way or another.

Farming is going to be greatly affected, no matter the crop. Many fertilizers and insecticides are made from oil products. These would be banned under the NGD. Farmers would have to rely on other products, higher in cost, or else suffer losses in crop yield.

Farm equipment runs on diesel or gas. Under the NGD, this equipment would no longer be able to be used. Farmers would have to find alternative farming equipment which generally does not exist, or else use human labor. Food costs would increase dramatically.

Getting the food to market poses other issues under the NGD. Packaging of perishable goods become problematic since plastics, Styrofoam and cellophane materials will no longer exist. Growers and distributers will need to rely upon paper products instead, in which many uses where water or vapor may not be optimal for paper packaging.

Food processors will find that canning of products is not possible. The material that aluminum cans are made of require specific processing methods which consume natural gas, which will be banned. Processors would have to go to using glass……….un never mind…….glass requires heating the ingredients to a molten whereby the glass can be formed and made into appropriate containers.

Transporting the crops to markets is another problem. Truckers will no longer exist because they cannot get fuel to take the products to the suppliers and processors who would then truck them to supermarkets.

Products like milk, eggs, and frozen items cannot be provided by processors any long because there would be no refrigerated trucks to move them to market.

Under the NGD, agriculture would need to be radically changed, and that is the key to a few specific words in the draft proposal cited above.

“investing in local-scale agriculture in communities across the country;”

This apparently innocuous little phrase is the key to understand what the NGD really contemplates.

The phrase is recognition that there would be a complete remaking of American culture and life style. The NGD would ban current agricultural methods and instead, force Americans to return to a life style found in the 1800’s. Localities would eat what was produced locally.

Florida oranges would not be found outside of Florida. Washington apples would never be able to be transported outside the state. All produce would be locally grown as well as other products derived from the different foods.

What we see in the NGD is what “sustainable earth” advocates have been promoting for decades. It is a covert outline for turning every country back into rural communities, each self-sufficient, without the conveniences of life that exist today. Under the “sustainable earth” plan, not only does society devolved back to centuries past, but the population of the Earth eventually falls to a sustainable level, usually cited as no more than 500 million people.

The people advocating for the NGD are absolutely nuts. They, the Democratic Presidential Candidates, US politicians, the UN and others who accept the NGD must be stopped before they can do more harm.

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