Shooter killed by School Resource Officer

There is another reported High School shooting, this time in Maryland. Great Mills High School on lock down.

Several people have been reported to be shot.


March 20 (Reuters) - Several people were shot at a Maryland high school on Tuesday, local news media reported, after school officials confirmed the campus was on lockdown and the incident had been “contained.”

Multiple people were shot and their condition was not yet clear, ABC News reported, citing the St. Mary’s County sheriff.

The shooting took place at Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County, about 70 miles (110 km) south of Washington.

Maryland police are asking for parents to go to Leonardtown High School to pick up their kids as they are brought from Great Mills .

Leonardtown HS on Twitter

We are aware of the situation at Great Mills High School. GMHS parents, please report to our auditorium. Leonardtown High School students are safe.

St. Mary’s Sheriff on Twitter

There has been an incident at Great Mills High School. Parents please DO NOT respond to the school. Report to Leonardtown High School

Update — Three Injured, No Deaths

It is being reported that there are only thres injuries and no deaths have occurred. Some of the individuals are critical condition.

The local sheriff’s office spokeswoman says three people have been injured in the shooting, including the shooter.

St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Cpl. Julie Yingling confirms there have been no fatalities in the Tuesday morning shooting at Great Mills High School.

Yingling says the two victims were shot, but she doesn’t know how the shooter was injured. She also didn’t have the identities of the any of the three injured.

She says all three had been transported to hospitals.

Interestingly enough, Maryland is one of the few states that have banned assault weapons ownership and high-capacity magazines  — yet it did not seem to stop this latest shooting.

Update — Two Injured, Shooter Dead

The Shooter is dead, killed by the School Resource Officer.

Two others are injured, a girl in critical condition and a boy in stable condition.


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