Best Memes of the Week – Rollin’ With The Laughs

This week’s meme post is more about the humor and less about the politics, although we do have a little of both. If you have any appropriate memes to post, feel free to do so in the comments.

If Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was ruled by the dice:

While the Jussie Saga has calmed down, there are still plenty of fun memes it produced, such as this one:

That’s us:

“Rise from your gains!”

[If you are unfamiliar with this joke, check out Sega’s Altered Beast.]

All it took was one wolf…

We’ll never know…

What are they striking about? We’ll never know…



Venezuela tried the Marx Diet, and the population has never been thinner!

Speaking of communists…

All right boys and girls, have at it!

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