Hilltendo Sparta Report Russian Propaganda

Only YOU can help Hillary to the White House! Play through three levels, courtesy of Russian Hackers, to relive their 2016 takeover of the United States through this series of videogames. Let us know your high scores in the comments!

(Requires a Desktop or Laptop PC with Adobe Flash Player to Play!)

Level One – Delete those Emails!

Help Hillary Clinton delete as many emails as possible before she’s caught!

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Level Two – Middle East Money!

Help Hillary Clinton obtain as much money as possible from Middle Eastern Arab governments!

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Level Three – Kick the Constitution!

The most challenging one yet! You have to help Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama SLAM the United States Constitution as far as possible!

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Troubleshooting Tips:

If nothing shows remember, most phones do not have flashplayer any longer. Desktop PCs must have enabled flash player plugin playback in their browsers to play.

On Chrome, if there is a blank space instead of the games, please click on the i with a circle around it or the “secure” area next to the site address. Then click on “Ask” next to the flash plugin area and change to “always allow on this site.”