Best Memes of the Week: Learning How To Code

With all of these hypocritical vipers…erhem, “journalists” losing their jobs this past week, the Meme Machines of the internet kicked into overdrive to give those now unemployed journalists a taste of their own medicine. That tends to happen when you made your career about telling everyone else in flyover country about how awesome Funemployment was and that you should just learn how to code instead of pining for that old factory job.

Well, Twitter doesn’t like that one bit, so let’s share some of the great irritants that are just too harsh for a snowflake to tolerate:

Speaks for itself:

Just remember, if you don’t get frostbite, it’ll put hair on your chest

Tru dat:

That’ll shut ’em up

Everybody is somebody’s something

Back into politics:

In case you need the help

“Well it’s humane if they die comfortably”

For our obligatory AOC meme, this one comes from the original design of the egg & facehugger for Alien:

Let’s see what you’ve got!

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I'm a gamer and a small businessman. A native of Utah, I also enjoy writing, researching politics & religion and spending time with the family when I have the chance.

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