Pelosi Tells DNC’s Summer Meeting to “Be Ready to Throw a Punch For the Children”…Illegal, Not Aborted

Priorities, priorities. reports that

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., warned Democrats at the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting in San Francisco, Calif., on Friday that they have to “be ready to take a punch” and “be ready to throw a punch for the children.”

In her speech, Pelosi predicted a “tough election” in 2020 because “it’s about money” for President Trump and the Republican Party, saying, “They will put up any amount of money to protect their investments in degrading the environment, guns, and all of that.”

“You’ve got to be ready to take a punch,” Pelosi said. “And therefore, you have to be ready to throw a punch. For the children. Throw a punch for the children.”

The speaker went on to encourage the party to “debate our differences” and “unify behind our candidates,” urging the party to “strengthen the majority” in the House as well as win the Senate and the White House, which earned applause from the room.

“For America, for our children, for the future,” Pelosi added.

According to the latest fundraising numbers, the RNC raised $20.8 million in July while the DNC only raised $7.7 million. The Trump campaign has seen a recent surge in small donors, seeing 61 percent of its contributors donating under $200, according to Federal Election Commission figures.

Just like Obama used children as human political props after the Sandy Hook Massacre and Democratic Activists used children in school walkouts to try to achieve the taking away of guns from Americans, this “concern” over the welfare of the children of those who wish to illegally enter our Sovereign Nation is nothing but a political ploy.

They are the ones who encouraged them and their parents to risk their lives to attempt to enter our nation illegally.

You know, gentle readers, the paradigms through which the Democratic Party chooses their “Moral Causes” to champion  baffles this ol’ Southern boy’s sense of right and wrong.

Do you remember when OUR Federal Government was brought to a standstill by a bunch of self-serving professional politicians.

The reason given?

The Dems claimed that the shutdown was in defense of DACA, an unconstitutional leftover from the reign of terror that was the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

The problem with that claim is that it was a budget issue, not a Domestic Policy issue.

The other thing was, those effected by DACA are no longer children.

They grew up.

They Democrats never have.

So, follow along with me, y’all.

The Democrats were willing to shut down our government and sacrifice winning another Midterm or President Election for decades to come, in defense of the progeny of illegal aliens, who while being brought here as children, are now adults, and are in no way “defenseless” as the Dems claimed that they are.

Depending on whose information you believe these grown-up “DACA Kids” number between 800,000 and 4,000,000.

While Democrats were taking care of the “DACA Kids” since 2013, over 3,000,000 American Babies were prematurely yanked from their mothers’ wombs, killed without ever given the opportunity to live.

So, why do the Democrats continue to fight so hard for the children of those who have entered and are entering our country illegally while ignoring an American Holocaust?


They believe that  grown-up DACA Kids and those crossing into our country illegally will vote for them after their parents have been granted the privilege of doing so. With their Political Ideology presently in a Crash and Burn Mode, they continue their mad pursuit after all of the potential Democratic Voters that they can scrounge up.

If the Dems ever came out against abortion, their friends at Planned Parenthood and their Far Left Base would abandon them they were leprous.

It is a lot more politically expedient for Dems to support the DACA “Kids” and illegal aliens and their children while ignoring the stain on our country called abortion.

The DACA Kids have had the opportunity to grow up and be Democratic Voters.

American Babies who have been aborted will never have to opportunity to vote for anyone.

However, oddly enough…Democrats do not view abortion as taking away someone’s “rights”, as they claim that “DACA Kids” have suffered through.

After all, according to their idol, King Barack The First, babies are a “punishment”.


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