The Cult of Black Lives Matter


I repeatedly said in the last days that the Progressives and especially the Social Justice Warriors are members of a cult. I also said that what we see right now how a more vocal and violent splinter group of the main cult has taken center stage, I speak about the Black Lives Matter/Antifa groups.

There is an extensive literature regarding the psychology of the cults, therefore the stages of involvement and the indoctrination techniques are well documented. Therefore, let’s start a crush course into the cult of SJW/BLM. We need to understand how these people were made to do what they have been doing for the past few weeks.

There are five stages of an individual joining a cult. No matter if the cult is religious in nature or a political movement, the stages are absolutely the same.

  1. Hooking. It is the moment in which an individual gets into contact with the cult. At this stage the future member of the group experienced a recent disappointment or feels lonely. Many students became SJW’s because they feel alone in a big campus, they might not do very well in school, suffered a bad break up and so forth. Here comes the recruiter, generally in the form of a professor/advisor/counselor/mentor who is nice and seems to have solutions for the problems the young student experiences. At this stage the information given to the recruit about the cult/movement is ambiguous like fight against the racism. They might be diagnosed with depression, they might learn that they experienced abuse in the past, and there is help available to them. The recruiter gains the trust of the new member.
  2. Joining. At this point the recruit starts to show intellectual interest in the cult. In other words, he/she wants to learn more about the cause. In our case, they want to learn more about the injustices suffered by the minorities (blacks, browns, sexually oppressed, and so forth). The new recruit is also “loved-bombed” by the other members of the organization, they offer the perspective of new meaningful relationships, and of a meaningful existence. They are part of something big and important.
  3. Intensification. It is the central part of joining a cult. It is the moment when the former self come under attack and the recruit start to question his/hers former believes. Kids raised in Christian families renounce their faith, become vegans, start practicing Pagan religions and so forth. This is the stage in which the Thought reform or Reprogramming occurs. The Thought reform in itself can be break up into several stages.
  1. Milieu control or control of communications. The group/cult has total control over what the new member can be allowed to read or watch. New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Posts, Axios, CNN and MNSBC are the primary sources of information for the people who belong to the progressive movement. Venturing to read the Wall Street Journal or watching Fox News is a reason for excommunication. Outlets like Fox spread lies, they are not trustworthy. Reading “White Fragility” is also mandatory.
  2. Mystical manipulation or moral superiority. The members are told that they are part of an elite group, that they have more knowledge about the realities of the world and thus they are morally superior, they are enlightened or woke. The others are racists or are simple minded to quote Bubba Wallace.
  3. Demand for purity. Any cult sees the world in binary terms: good/evil, and there is no in between space. On one side is the group and its ideology that is automatically good and on the other side is everybody else and the values held by everybody else are wrong or evil.
  4. The cult of confession. This part of indoctrination is public and was on full display until recently. The new member is encouraged to publicly confess his/hers past sins. For the new splinter movement being white is the capital sin. People need to beg forgivness for their ancestors’ sins and denounce their whiteness. The ritualistic humiliation is part of the rebirth process. This is the essence of the struggling sessions practiced on large scale during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The fact that many people in the alternative media recognized this technique led to many in the movement to pull the plug on these mass confessions and purification rituals.
  5. Sacred science. The members of the cult are further encouraged to deepen their knowledge about the cult/movement. At this point the members are also asked to take direct action. This is why we see the mobs of 20 somethings marching on the streets and screaming No Justice/No Peace, Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police.
  6. Loading the language. The new members learn new vocabulary or are given new meanings to words. Black Lives Matter for instance means that only the black lives matter and the other ethnicities are less valuable for the society.
  7. Doctrine over person. All the cult like movements no matter if we deal with the Jacobins, the Red Brigades or the BLM draw a sharp divide between those who have the right to exist and the undesirable one. We have on one hand the enlightened elites, the woke mobs, and on the other hand everybody else. When Susan Rice spoke about the Trump supporters needing to be sent to the trash bin of history, she expressed this believe that people who are not on the right side are expandable. The Jacobins sent people to the scaffold, the communist regimes in the USSR and China sent people to the prisons or reeducation camps, and in many instances they also killed those deemed to be impossible to reeducate. The mob that is howling on the streets and tore down statues understands very well that because these statues are the expression of a wrong thought, they need to be discarded before the deplorable are dealt with.
  1. Social distancing is considered by many as the final stage of joining the cult. I believe that this phase takes place in the same time with the Intensification or Reprograming. The members of the woke mob denounced their family and their old system of believes before they even started marching on the streets. Fully indoctrinated, tought to loath their former self, their former identity and cultural markers (religion, country, flag, family) the members of the cult are on the march on reshaping the world on their own view.

I also define BLM as a splinter movement from the larger Progressive movement. The left, contrary to the belief of many in the conservative movement, it is not a unitary ideology. It is true that all Progressives are Marxists but not all of them are blantantly racists. BLM is a racist movement which was created by the Democrats who wanted to offer a buffer for the opposition to the failed policies of Barak Obama. The left, the Democrats, branded opposition to president Obama not based on ideological or policy issues but based on race. You were a racist because you opposed the first black president of the United States. BLM created the narrative of the systemic racism which in itself is rooted in the critical race theory which states that only whites can be racists and that the whites are racists without knowing that they are so. In order to eliminate this unconscious bias and racism one needs not only to denounce its whitness but also to negate all the achievements of the whites in the past thousands of years. Like all the splinter movements, the Jacobins were a splinter movement; BLM is more radical and more aggressive in its actions than the main Progressive group. However, it is still a cult and people need to understand how these organizations operate.



Written by Guest Author


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