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    It’s Time To Send A Message

    Over time, the purpose and role of government has been changed. Not for the better and not for the benefit of the people.

    The role of government, and governance, is not about regulating ‘every aspect of people’s lives’. It’s not about the acquisition and application of power. Or wealth.

    One is not better than us simply by being in government.

    A clear and concise message needs to be sent from the people to those who claim to represent us. More

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    Notes on the Passing Scene…from the Hospital

    Ready to take a break from all politics, all the time?  The great Thomas Sowell occasionally pens a column where he comments on random events about him–mostly political and economic, of course, given his status as one of the great economic minds of our time. In that spirit, let’s take a tour around the hospital.  We’ll stick to medicine, mostly, with the random thoughts that pass through my head as I do my rounds More

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    Death by Three Hundred and Fifty Million Cuts

    Much has been said, of late, that there are 25,000 sealed indictments out there – that the Clintons, Podesta, Obama, Lynch and all of the other monkeys, are going to face justice soon and be spirited off to Guantanamo, to be placed in a cell alongside jihadis and ultimately, face a military tribunal and be convicted of treason, or sedition, or some such nonsense. More

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    History is Today

    [Written by AJsDaddie] Have you ever wondered whether people living in the most historic times actually knew that they were […] More

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