Should we separate America into cities and states?

Time for radical transformation?

I like to watch TV series about The Olden Days and that means shows like The Borigas and Medici wherein all kinds of dastardly plottings occur in the Italian middle ages.

Back then Italy was dominated by the city-state: Naples, Florence of course Rome & The Vatican etc.

Being slow on the uptake it recently occurred to me that what was good for the Italian goose then is also good for the American gander today for we are less divided into red states and blue states than into blue cities and red countryside.

Which begs the question: if we are to remain a United States then might it be time to electorally formalize the urban/rural split by evolving into a republic of cities and states instead of states alone?

The clustering of population into large city-states like New York City and San Francisco/Los Angeles has given rise to rumblings of splitting states and even succession within states.

Northern California has made noises about forming their own state for years and more recently the citizenry of greater New York state have floated the thought of breaking off from NYC & Long Island.

Might it be time to explore the concept of a republic where large urban areas are given city-state stratus and the rest of the state maintains a statehood identity.

For example, Rahm Emanuel would become the governor of the city-state of Chicago and the rest of Illinois would maintain their own executive. Ditto for the Chicago city council and the Illinois legislature.

I haven’t thought out the details and/or ramifications because this is after all Crazy Talk of the highest order.

The best case alternative is a hostile Balkanization of the country between the Pacific-hugging strip of the West Coast, New England and the ALCEA & Twin Cities-Chicago corridors and the rest of the nation.

The worst case is chronicled by Kurt Schlichter…



Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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