Senegalese Immigrant Kidnaps 51 Children In Italy

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Senegalese immigrant Ousseynou Sy was arrested in Milan yesterday after kidnapping and attempting to kill 51 children. Sy was apparently driving the children on a school trip when he began smashing the bus into cars on the highway. Sy then set the bus on fire in an attempt to kill the children.

Luckily, Milan police were able to show up in time to rescue the children. No one was killed, and several children sustained only minor injuries.

Oussenyou Sy was promptly arrested by authorities. Apparently, the attempted massacre was a protest against Italy’s treatment of illegal migrants. Sy is quoted as shouting, “Stop the deaths at sea, I’ll carry out a massacre,” shortly after his arrest.

One of the children who was rescued said that Oussenyou Sy blamed deputy prime ministers Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio for illegal migrant deaths at sea.

Italy has faced increasing criticism from the Left since it began barring ships carrying illegal migrants from its ports last year. Various human rights groups have blamed Italy’s policies for a possible increase in migrant deaths resulting from these ships being stranded at sea.

One can see the wisdom in Italy’s newfound protectionist policy, however. Especially in light of Mr. Sy’s recent behavior.


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