It’s Ma’am, motherf*_*cker. James Ma’am

So I’ve been thinking about the next James Bond, especially after Bruno’s brilliant post on James’ drinking skills as excoriated by some rag down in Australia. Some should tell them James is British, not Australian, but I digress. At least we’re almost all agreed that he isn’t, and doesn’t speak, Austrian…

Bruno posited that the next 007 will be a black man, but in this days of trans fluidity and out of this world deviancy, I’m going for something more wild. So let’s help the casting crew for the next Bond movie but come up with some out-of-the-box suggestions. I’m suggesting this…thing.

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Written by Kraken Spartass

Former nuclear engineer. Former security guard. Currently terrorizing central US highways as an over the road truck driver. Amateur unapologetic apologist. Mediocre dog walker (sorry doggy buds; it's not the years, it's the mileage). Married 43+ years to the same woman, which occasionally makes me wonder about her sanity.

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