Monday, October 23, 2017
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No, President Trump Does Not Support Bailing Out Insurance Companies

The media insisted that the President was supportive of the Alexander-Murray bill, when in fact, he never was.

Pokemon Go: Innocent Fun Or Evil Russian Cyberthreat?

Is Pokemon Go the next front in Russia's cyberwar against America?

Trump Hints At Challenging Network’s Licenses to Stop Fake News. Upset Dems Forget About FDR and BHO Controlling the Media.

That big boom heard across the nation yesterday, was not some "Super Cell Storm", as seen in the stupid Pro-Climate Change movie, "The Day...

I Thought Trump Was Under House Arrest?


Fake News PSA: Charlottesville Organizer Jason Kessler Did NOT Work for CNN, Jason M Kessler Did

Fake News strikes again. Stop falling for it!

The Pupu Files – Fake Camping with Megyn Kelly

This is Pupu Platter reporting from Manhattan where storm clouds continue to gather over the head of Megyn “Me Again” Kelly. The last time we...

Oh look, CNN pushing fake news again

Tillerson resigning? Suuure.

Only 6% of Americans Care About “Russia, Russia, Russia”! What That Means. (A KJ Sunday Morning Analysis)

Americans do not give a hoot 'n holler what the Democrat Elite, their Propaganda Arm, the Main Stream Media, and all of the Liberal Internet Trolls, paid and unpaid, are screaming at the top of their lungs about, concerning the Trump/Russia Collision Fairy Tale.

Barbara Streisand’s Deep Thoughts: Trump is a Fake President

Deep Thoughts from Babura, don't worry, she shouldn't be taken any more seriously than we do most of these Hollywood retards: There’s a narcissistic fraud...

Book of Trump, Chapter 25

Verily, The Trump doth bludgeon the media jackals.

The Tweet Heard ’round the World

Trump is crushing CNN, like he crushed his primary opponents and Hillary Clinton.

CNN Has a Complaint Filed Against it at the Federal Communications Commission

In the wake of the videos recorded on hidden camera by James O'Keefe's Project Veritas, the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), which according to their website is the leading conservative seniors’ organization in the country, filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Germany is Now Going to Fine Media Companies ‘Promoting Fake News/Hate Speech’

Germany has gone too far. They are now actively going to fine social media companies that fail to remove/ban/block content they deem "hate speech" or "fake news."

Quotes of the Day – Is CNN Imploding?

Confusion to our enemies!

Morning Thread – Donald Trump Jr. Slams CNN Over Fake News

CNN is on the defensive over their bogus anti-Trump story.

Snopes is for Dopes

Propaganda at it's best!

CNN Caught Setting Up Fake Muslim “Peace Rally!”

The media has sunk into a new level of corruption.

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