I Meme, Therefore I Am

It’s time for another lovely trip down memeory lane, starting with a Call To Arms from all you Dank Memesters out there. Here’s a link to the Featured Image in case anyone cares

Another helpful guide to understanding those super scary guns:

So that’s why my nostrils have opened up

Delicious transition

According to MAGAHog’s Day

Keeping you up-to-date on the latest in the Clown World Primary:

Mexican Word of the Day:

Give it a few months and they’ll get them all covered

But hey, at least their quota was filled

Hero Doggo is racking up the endorsements:

Dad jokes:

It’s dangerous to be a boy these days:

Another bit of helpful information. We’ve got to keep these posts educational after all…

Image may contain: text

Whatever would we do without Disney to tell us what to think and to decide what news is and isn’t important:

The real reason Mittens worked so hard at carpetbagging:

Ok, let’s see what you’ve got

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