Supreme Memes of the Week

It’s time to relax and take in some memes, humorous art that elites and politicians alike just despise. Most borrowed from the meme land of Gab.

When certain “conservatives” (cough*Bill Mitchell*hack*Ben Shapiro*cough*wheeze) need to show us on the doll where the mean Constitution hurt them:

Becoming a Leftist should have a disclaimer that you’ll be working with cognitive dissonance every day:

Bill Mitchell still grasping at how turning America into a de facto Soviet gulag is making America great again:

But if the parties had been reversed, you know what would have happened:

Be sure to ask the right questions at the Dr.’s office

Mmm, desert road trips

This week in Soycialism:

When the whole “but she’s hawt” excuse wears off on Tulsi:

Who better to overplay the race card than the fake Indian who road on a race lie for years and years?

I always thought of Duff Beer when I heard of Hillary Duff:

When you’ve not seen a particular friend in a long time…

Just another day on campus:

Applies to site commenting too. No pressure or anything! 😀

All right, let’s see what you’ve got

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