Memes For Squads

Hello mild-mannered readers.

Wait, mild-mannered? I must be on the wrong site. Oh well. Here are some irreverent memes to further brighten your day.

Let’s start off with the faces of the Democrat Party, the Jihad Squad!

Funny how everything the Squad says isn’t hateful or racist. Thinking that way shows you’ve fallen for the Left’s premise

Let’s take a moment to pause from political fun, for something nerdy:

Oh my, we should totally be upset about demanding that an Al-Queda sympathizer be sent back to Somalia

One last bonus for the brother-marrying “rep”

Area 51 will never cease to be a source of amusement

Fact Check: Probably

Well, not everyone is like this, but there are quite a few

Gee, I wonder what nonsense they’ll come up with in 2030.

I like this new term

Ok Spartans, lets see what you’ve got

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