The Thread For Post-Debate Memes

Welcome to another round of memes, served up thanks to the witty wilds of the internet. Mainly Gab. If you’ve got something good, be sure to add it to the comments at the bottom. I haven’t found too many memes from the debate, but I’m also about to go out-of-town, so I’ll leave it to you to fill the void.

Summing up this week’s Democratic debate in one easy image:

To be fair, this is every Democrat right now, even Tulsi Gabbard:

I suppose you’ve got a problem on your hands when this little tweet is gaining more attention than the Dem debates. But that’s because it’s got substance!

So this is what guys with “bridezillas” as fiances do with their time:

Amazing what a little truth from a President willing to fight the Left does to them:

Does this apply to memes too?

I modified this one to be more accurate about Google (stop pretending they’re without their bias):

That’s birds for ya:

Oh, so that’s what that whole staged photo op was about, a fragrance. Makes sense:

That’s all I’ve got for now, let’s see what you’ve got!

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