The Most Deplorable Memes of the Week

Hello Spartans, and welcome to another exciting edition of the weekly memes. I’m your host, SpartanHero, where I’ve curated the following examples of finely crafted art, for your enjoyment.

Note however that some social media sites that I’m linking to are having odd issues today (both Gab and Twitter), so hopefully everything shows up like it’s supposed to.

It’s a little toasty outside where I’m at…

Ain’t 2019 culture great?

The Left is working overtime to try and tie Trump to Epstein, while covering for Jeff’s good personal friend Bill Clinton. Let the memes speak the truth.

Who’s ready for the next Democrat debate?

What a heart-wrenching origin story…for the men:

Update from Star Wars Land, now they are painting troopers red and hoping to cash in (this image below is poking fun at the new Sith Trooper)

I get that there are a lot of conservatives in California…unfortunately, they are outnumbered by teh crazy, so we’ll continue making fun of the Snowflake State:

Now for some fun at the expense of vegetarians:

Do I need to explain this one?

This one’s not funny, just accurate

Ah, so that’s what she meant by concentrated ICE camps…

Ok kids, let’s see what you’ve got

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