I’d Run Michelle as Vice President

The other moderators seem to think I’m nuts here but hear me out. And then y’all can say I’m nuts as well.

If I were the Democrats, I’d have Joe Biden announce that he will select Michelle Obama for Vice President.

The first thing this does is pretty much force everyone else out of the field. Who wants to be the one saying “I can do a better job than team Biden-Obama” and then have to explain why?

Let’s talk about the duties required under the Constitution for Vice President; there aren’t any and Michelle could be quite good at that. There’s a 100% chance she’d make an excellent Vice President.

Of course, what’s the “elephant in the room” (which may be the ultimate in mixing political metaphors)? It’s that it would actually be the return of Barack the One for his third and fourth terms! How to do this? Well, that’s easy. Make Barack the head of State and put him on the road to fix all of Trump’s international “mistakes.”

If Michelle actually wanted to do something, I’d also make her head of Justice. Why not? Rebuilding the “damage” done by Trump in immigration and race relations. If Hillary wants back in, no problem.

As far as campaigning, the Vice President’s job is to reinforce the President’s messaging. Someone would need to keep a leash on her but people generally don’t pay a lot of attention to what the Vice Presidential candidate says during a campaign. Her job would be to run around, give canned speeches, and do a lot of photo ops.

On the other hand, Barack the One would be his usual persuasive self — promising that Joe and Michelle would restore everything that he had created including moving completely to universal healthcare. From time to time, he could ‘accidentally’ throw in a “I’ll be changing” and then say “oops, I meant MICHELLE will be changing.” [Insert laughter here]

What is the obstacle to this happening? Probably Joe Biden. If Joe can be convinced that he can’t win by himself and that they need a “team” approach, he might go along with it. If his ego gets in the way, then he’ll go down in flames like Mitt did.

Could team Biden-Obama-Obama beat Trump-Pence? I don’t know but it would be an epic battle beyond all epic battles.

The Democrats also won’t make the same mistake they made with Trump in allowing him to focus almost completely on the Electoral College and not caring a whit whether he “won” the popular vote.

Mark Rosneck

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