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Best Memes Of The Week - Jan. 14th, 2019

Who is ready for another meme’s post? You don’t need to rely on what I’ve curated - feel free to post your own favorite memes in the comments below.

While not a meme, this troll is level God Emperor:

UPDATE: I made this meme to celebrate this latest WIN by Trump on the shutdown:

Let’s start with the dumbest man in the media and go from there.

If you have a child, the struggle is real:

Seems legit

Speaking of animals

The Star Track can never catch a break:

Covering two pieces of recent news in one meme!

No meme headline needed on this one #hypocrisyalert

You’ll never think of those suggestions the same way again

And along those lines:

I’m sure many Canadians wouldn’t mind it if Justin became the next Canadian to take a virtue signaling tour through the most dangerous parts of Middle East

Don’t worry, AOC is here:

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