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Gaming’N Tech Thread #92 - A Magic Leap, Doom Eternal and SMAAAASH

(For the featured image, count how many photoshops you can find!)

What Are We Playing This Week?

I stumbled across a copy of Jungle Strike (sequel to Desert Strike) at a local game shop, so decided to bite. Like Desert Strike, it’s tough even on level 1, but I managed to get past that after a couple of plays and found it to be an enjoyable game (I am running it on my AtGames Sega Genesis wanna-be console, but no complaints on how it is handling the old cartridge). I also played some Star Wars Pinball (the real thing), but didn’t get a chance to play much else.

How about you?

Gaming Headlines

Details On The Nintendo Switch Online Service That Launches September

EA Deletes A User’s Entire Games Library, Only Offers Mea Culpa After Complaint Goes Viral On Reddit - A warning for having an all digital game library

Discord Launches Their Own Digital Games Platform To Compete With Steam

Square Enix Goes On A Marketing Blitz For Shadow Of The Tomb Raider - It’s not coming to Switch though

EmuParadise Shuts Down ROM Sharing As Nintendo Continues Their War Against ROMs - I’m surprised it has taken this long

Sorry kids, Fallout 76 Won’t Be Coming To Steam - Until it fails on Bethesda’s service and they quietly roll out a Steam version, I’m sure

Torchlight Lives On Without Runic In 2019 (PC/PS4/XB1)

Taito Launches The Space Invaders Room In Japan

More Details On That China-Exclusive Game Console, The Z+ - Which easily kicks the crap out of the AMD-powered Atari VCS

iD Looking At Whether Or Not Rage 2 Can Work On Nintendo Switch

Red Dead Redemption II Gameplay Footage (PS4/XB1)

Univoyager Shows Off Impressive Engine (For A Smartphone)

In Case All Of The Hype Around Shenmue Eludes You, This Video Delves Into The Characters

Nintendo Surpasses 700 Million Units Of Hardware Sold Since The NES - Not including the Virtual Boy, NES Classic, SNES Classic or arcade machines


DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal (PC/PS4/SW/XB1) - Bethesda hasn’t taken very long on pulling the curtain back from their next effort in the DOOM series, with the game running on iDTech 7. Yes, it has also been confirmed that it is in the works for the Switch, providing a feather for Nintendo’s cap that the WiiU could never get. A number of new weapons and attacks make for an even faster paced game than DOOM 2016 was, so buckle up for whenever this one lands:

In case you like all of that distilled into a Top 10 list, click here

Deadpool Does Pinball - Everyone’s favorite “Merc With A Mouth” now has his own pinball machine, a table that uses the comic book theme as opposed to the recent films. The graphics on the display feature a retro early 90s aesthetic and Deadpool is voiced by none other than actor Nolan North (who voiced Nathan Drake of Uncharted fame). You can find more details here.


I tried to embed this video from BitChute, but the site wasn’t having any of that.

The Super Smash Bros Direct - If you have any inclination towards buying the next Smash Bros., then you probably saw this already. But just in case, here it is, with all of it’s CONFIRMATIONS!!!!!eleventy!!!! (mainly that CastleVania characters are headed to the game):

Yes, There Is A Diablo Game…Or Two…Or Three…In The Works - It’s been a little while since we’ve had a new Diablo to enjoy…albeit not quite as long as we’ve had something from the world of Half-Life. This week, Blizzard finally gave us a tease on the future of Diablo but keep in mind the part about it being a tease:

Homebrew Of The Week: Project C (Sega Genesis) - If you have a Genesis lying around plus a hankering for Contra that emulation can’t satisfy, then Project C might be the game for you:

Technology Headlines

Sweet, Juicy Rumors About NVidia’s RTX Series

Details on AMD’s 2nd Gen Of Threadripper Chips

Hacking Satellites Is Very Real - And yet, the Left scoffs at the idea of a Space Force protecting US interests in space

Intel Unveils Roadmap Through 2020 - 10nm chips on the near horizon

Georgia Power Aims To Have Two Nuclear Reactors Online By 2021 & 2022

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Is Official - And only $1,000

Japan’s Railgun Project In Action - Before long I imagine Bermuda will announce a railgun too 😛

1st Planet Discovered Using Radio Astronomy - It’s a rogue planet to boot

The Weapons Of Space Force: Hypersonic Missile Interceptors

Photonic Ultra-HD Radar Makes Stealth Planes Far Less Stealthy

The Chances Of Life On Jovian Moons Isn’t Looking So Hot


Magic Leap AR Headset Is Now Available - If you would rather wear Augmented Reality on your face, instead of experiencing the digital overlaying tech through your hand held phone, then Magic Leap has the solution for you. The tech is finally available after years of hype, promises and the company raising over $2 billion because they made a fake video of a whale splashing around a gym (that is nowhere near the quality of what Magic Leap actually can do, which is a couple of steps behind on what your phone can do for free). The cost to experience this wonder - ONLY $2295! BUY! BUY! BUY! you gullible early adopters!

Sanumed Working On Tissue Regeneration Tech - I’d never heard of Sanumed before, but they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves. One interesting and ground-breaking biotechnology they are working on, involves the regeneration of cells at the tissue-level. If successful, I wonder how long it’ll be before we have Star Trek-wands that can repair cuts…

Using An Ancient 3.5″ Floppy Disk Drive On A Modern Smartphone - Why? Because we can, that’s why. Now for a 5.25″ version 😛

Space Pron Of The Week: The Martian South Pole - The terrain surrounding the South Pole of Mars is a bit more colorful than Earth’s, albeit far less accessible. The ice you see below is packed with carbon dioxide, making it much more like dry ice than what is found in Antarctic wastes. The Mars Express probe has been using ground-penetrating radar to see below the Martian surface, and while it has not found any evidence of an ancient orafice-probing civilization, it did recently find evidence showing an underground lake near the polar cap. This of course has lead scientists to instantly proclaim it is a candidate for hosting microbial life, which will continue to be the case until we get to one of these spots and have to put to test whether or not such bacteria could also survive the constant radiation baths provided by the Sun and outer space (something that the scientists always seem to leave out when jumping to the conclusion that water must mean an instant chance for life; see this week’s news on high intensity radiation surrounding the Jovian moons).

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