Monday, October 23, 2017
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Trump Points Out the Obvious: Twitter Was a Major Key in Winning the Campaign

The Republicans are constantly demanding Trump stop posting on Twitter and pipe down, but he can't exactly afford to do that. Social media is...

Trump to Speak on Vegas Massacre

As of about  10:30 EST or so, we still have limited information on the shooter's motivation. However, we can speculate based on his choice...

Seven Things President Trump Can Do To Destroy Illegal Immigration

And three things he's already accomplished.

Hoping to Damage Trump, Congress Sends Him a Charlottesville Resolution

The most corrupt Congress in our nation's history appears to be attempting another ploy similar to the Russian sanctions of a few weeks ago. For...

Harvey Upends Congressional Plans and Scheduling

Ever since Harvey, there have almost certainly been behind the scenes negotiations going on between Trump and Congress to get a funding bill for...

Trump Pitches In At a Shelter for Harvey Victims

Attempting to get ahead of a media narrative of "presidential failure," Trump has been making public appearances and trying to get assistance to Hurricane...

Trump Addresses the Nation on Afghanistan

The way forward.

Dems Noticing That Voters Think They’re Out of Touch

The voters just want someone to get them a job.

FBI Raids Manafort’s Home

If you work for Trump, get ready to go to jail!

Rand Paul Thinks Trump Will Take Executive Action on Healthcare

He has a pen, and he has a phone.

Book of Trump, Chapter 26

  1.       Oh, that I was a Trump staffer, that I could cry repentance to the Cucks that fight against MAGA, and all other good...

The Boy Scout Speech

How deplorable was it?

Scaramucci Threatens to Bring the Hammer Down on Leakers

The beginning of serious swamp-draining?

Mark Steyn: Trump Investigation is “Banana Republic Stuff”

We know it, but so few major figures are willing to say it.

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