Is this the last American Independence Day?

Can America survive the coming election?

July 4th is celebrated as the American Independence Day. It is a day of parades, picnics, family get togethers, fireworks and most important of all, remembrance of the Founding Fathers and those who have fought for this great country.

This year though, one has to wonder if this is the last time that the 4th of July will be celebrated as a National Holiday.

As we prepare to celebrate the 4th, America is awash with those who would seek to end the 4th and for which it stands. Though a small portion of the total population, those against America have a much larger presence thanks to a compliant media and supportive Democratic Party politicians.

Since Memorial Day 2020, America has been subjected to daily and weekly protests across the country. The protests have used the death of the thug George Floyd, at the hands of the police a needed excuse to take to the streets in a violent overthrow movement of America.

AntiFa and Black Lives Matter groups are rioting in the streets of American cities. The purpose is the overthrow of the legitimate government of America.

The rioters are joined by Lenin’s “useful idiots,” brainwashed young men and women who believe that socialism and communism is a better way. Add to this various groups that seek a free ride or simply to loot and steal, and such a volatile mixture of trouble has not been seen in America for decades.

AntiFa cloaks their true goals in a list of demands that include disbanding of the police, the army, and even the elimination of government services. Their plan is to fill the “vacuum” of lost services with their own corrupt people.

AntiFi also seeks to destroy the symbols and institutions that make up the history and culture of America. Statues and monuments to our past are now routinely attacked, toppled and destroyed. Police stations are increasingly targeted as being symbols of repression of blacks.

Schools, colleges and universities have been taken over by Leftists, intent upon changing America into their own perceived ideas, often socialistic in nature. Professors have indoctrinated students into their own way of thinking.

Businesses are no longer immune to attacks. They either surrender to the demands of BLM or face targeted actions designed to destroy them.

Liberal politicians provide cover and excuses for the rioters and the supporters of BLM and AntiFa. They seek to change the culture of America as well, while violating their oaths of office to the Constitution.

The media is supportive of the Left’s ideals. Twitter, Facebook and other social media routinely censor or ban conservative commentators and websites.

As Americans celebrate the Independence Day holiday, I cannot help but think that the November elections are the most crucial in our nation’s history. I fear that no matter who wins, we are in for a very rough ride.

If President Trump is elected to a second term and the House and Senate are both GOP held, this will not alleviate the problem. Leftists will proclaim the election as stolen and begin to protest and riot in the streets.

If President Trump is elected and the House remains in Democratic hands, there will be investigations and Impeachment hearings conducted anew with the intent of destroying his Presidency.

If all else fails, then the Federal Courts will be engaged to try and stop the President’s agenda from going through.

If Joe Biden is elected President, it is reasonable to expect that his Vice President will soon take over through a 25th Amendment action. That VP will necessarily be more to the Left of Biden even and will seek to invoke the Leftist agenda.

Conservatives will not accept the legitimacy of the Biden election, especially considering the proclivity of Democrats to engage in vote fraud. As the new President seeks to implement favored objectives, especially gun control, conservatives will refuse to be disarmed. Protests will occur as with Democrats under a reelected President Trump.

No matter who wins the election in November, the after affects of the election will be unpleasant at the least. I firmly expect that rioting and looting will be the norm. A small Civil War will likely break out with the potential to go full Civil War engulfing all of America.

Can America stay together as one nation?  Or will it become two or more fractured nations? No one can know at this time, but this is all typical of a 4th Turning event.

I just pray that I am wrong and my crystal ball is broken.


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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