Maybe the Democrats Really Are This Incompetent

I thought I’d write a rather simple article this morning about John Bolton testifying before Congress. What I should have realized is that this is all so clouded by lawyers yelling at each other in court and on the Fake News that it’s virtually impossible to simply understand anything at this point. Nonetheless, I’m going to give it a shot.

There was a rather significant kerfuffle the other day about John Bolton and his offer to testify before Congress. A bit of digging and what he really said was that he would testify if the case being litigated by his aide Charles Kupperman determined that he could be subpoenaed. A good Bolton play since if his aide doesn’t have Executive Privilege, then he probably doesn’t either. Or, at least, he could cross the bridge if it came to it.

On Wednesday, the house dropped the subpoena for Charles Kupperman!

I gave it one of my allotted “!”s because this Kupperman subpoena and testimony was supposed to be a really, really big deal. Try to find some Fake News on Kupperman! You’ll find a very few references but nothing like my headline which would have been — “Trump Wins Major Executive Privilege Test.”

So where are we now? There is a suit brought by the Democrats against former White House counsel Don McGahn that would compel him to testify. 

Perhaps the Democrats think that this one has a better chance of dropping in their favor. The problem is that Don McGahn doesn’t know a thing about the Ukraine so he’s useless to them in that regard. Having McGahn testify about Mueller “obstruction of justice” seems rather pointless and boring. We’d also be at the point of arguing whether attorney-client privilege applies to the president.

If the President of the United States can’t speak freely to his attorney, we’re really in a mell of a hess.

My guess is that the McGahn suit is a dead end for the Democrats since should they get a favorable verdict, it would be instantly off to the Supreme Court.

Let’s summarize: President Trump is winning spectacularly against the House Impeachment Witch Hunt. The Democrats are simply flailing around at this point with little hope of having anyone meaningful testify.

About the best they can do is impeach the president on a laundry list of things that aren’t illegal but, in their view, add up to Orange Man Bad.

In the meantime, Bernie just announced a total “Open Borders” scheme complete with taking in “climate change refugees” and Warren has a announced a $52 trillion “Medicare for All” scheme. They’re just totally out of their minds!

I keep expecting there to be some strategy behind everything what the Democrats are doing and the longer this goes on, the worse and more incompetent they look.

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