Doc And Tin Foil Look into the Crystal Ball…

Ok, since the year is ending, TFH and I decided that we would focus on the future and predict what was going to happen next around the world. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s get to it, and then give us your predictions at the end.

TFH:  So what’s our first stop, Doc? And how we getting there?

Me:  Well, TFH, let’s go to Europe and have a look-see, shall we?

TFH:  Cool! But how we getting there?

Me:  No time to travel, so we’ll use the Crystal Ball! (unveils hitherto unseen crystal ball, much to the amazement of TFH)

TFH:  Nice Doc! What do you see?

Me, staring into the misty crystal:  Looks like we’ve stopped in England first.  The situation looks rough-the Government under Teresa May continues to waffle on Brexit, and the Britains are getting annoyed-they tired of being pushed around by Brussels, and having their own government working against them.  In addition, the government continues to import Muslims, while studiously ignoring the violent crime they bring, and threatening true British citizens with imprisonment for words critical of Islam, while working as hard as they can to disarm those same law abiding Britons…

TFH:  Sounds like a set up for Civil War, Doc!

Me, looking into the ball: Yeah, don’t look too close,  TFH, but that’s exactly what is happening in the ball right now…yikes, it’s the Government and the Muslims versus the populace.  Things are looking ugly in the future of once Great Britain….

TFH:  Any chance it WON’T go up in flames? Can the crystal ball see anything else? 

Me: Maybe, I see  a dim picture here-there are still British who understand what is going on and are trying to fight back.  It’s going to be tough, TFH, the powers that be are aligned against them-the press, the government, and the EU all want the locals to sit down, shut up, and take their medicine…

TFH:  That’s a bad scene….Let’s get outta there, Doc…

Me:  Agreed.  Ok, looks were in France now.  

TFH:  And?

Me: More of the same, but even worse, cause it’s France.

TFH:  Say what?

Me:  Yep, all the lunacy we see in Britain with Muslim immigration, suppression of speech, and an unresponsive government, but this time the government is more blatantly loyal to the EU-and they’ve thrown in Climate Change Taxes to REALLY piss off the citizens.  

TFH:  So….that sounds bad.

Me:  Yep, at least they are fighting back, somewhat.  The Yellow Vest crowd is protesting and the little boy, Macron, who runs France did give in a bit-and was immediately attacked by his masters in Brussels.  The situation in the ball is cloudy, but this could be just as bad as England, or even more so…the French can get really violent when they want to-just ask Marie Antoinette…

TFH:  Why’s that Macron guy holding hands with his mom?

Me:  That’s his wife.

TFH: Oh….

Me:  Anyway, the ball shows some alternative scenarios, but they are very distant and cloudy. Looks like Civil War in France, too…

TFH:  Geez…let’s move…

Me: Ok, the ball is changing…looks like we are in Italy.

TFH:  Lemme guess, Muslims, speech suppression, unresponsive government, brewing civil war…

Me:  No, no, the ball shows something different-looks like the citizens have the upper hand here and have curtailed immigration and the government is mostly on their side.  They’re still battling with the EU, but they’re holding their own.

TFH: Cool.  More power to them.

Me: Yeah, let’s move on now…the ball is swirling…oh…we’re in Berlin.

TFH:  You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Me:  Well…..the situation here is very dramatic.  The childless ex Communist who runs this show has flooded the country with muslim “refugees”.  Crime has soared, and the Government has resorted to the usual repressive monitoring and punishment of speech-this time with heavy support of the press, which labels everyone not on board with Islam and sharia “far right”.  The people are growing tired of this, and the situation could boil over at any time…and Merkel is doubling down, and really, really wants an “EU Army” along with the little boy from France.  

TFH:  The Germans and French want an EU army? Why?  NATO is there..

Me: Why do you think?

TFH: Because…they want to use it to suppress dissent and force countries like Poland and Hungary and Italy to do what they want?

Me: Yep…and how’d you know about those countries?

TFH:  I’m not totally out of the loop, Doc. 

Me: OK.  Well, like you said…the Crystal Ball shows those Eastern European countries are doing much better.  The populace and the governments are on the same page-limited or no immigration, and no cowtowing to the lunatics in Brussels. 

TFH:  So no civil war?

Me: No, it doesn’t look like it…in fact, the Crystal Ball is showing a scenario where west and northern Europe-Germany and France and Sweden and Spain and Denmark lapse into full scale, burn it all down Civil War, and Poland and the Eastern countries have to invade to put a stop to it…and…

TFH:  and what?

Me:  And the Russians come as well.

TFH:  Oh.  *long pause*  That’s not good.

Me: No, no it’s not.  But they may not, as long as we’re loyal to Poland and the other sane Eastern European countries…

TFH:  But what about Britain?  Will someone invade them if they fall apart into a civil war?

Me:  The Ball won’t say.  It’s just not clear.  

TFH:  Let’s go somewhere else, Doc….

Me: OK, but we’ll have to do it later…I gotta go to work in the morning…

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