Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Desperate Venezuelans Pour into the US; Parties Fight for Their Votes

It's no surprise a refugee crisis is starting to build in regards to Venezuela; it is well known that Maduro has been starving his...

Maduro Launches New Cryptocurrency “Petro” in Venezeula

It's like watching a trainwreck. You know you shouldn't watch, but you can't seem to look away: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro looked to the world...

Venezuela’s Implosion is Picking Up Steam

Venezuela has succeeded in breaking the backs of their political opposition. The leaders have mostly fled the country or wound up in jail, and...

Venezuela Will Restructure All Debt After Tomorrow

How's that Socialism working out so far?

Breitbart Notices Venezuela’s Opposition Has Collapsed

Last month, I wrote a post declaring that Venezuela's opposition had been crushed and that there was no longer any hope of internal reform....

Venezuela’s Opposition is Defeated; Leaders Flee for Their Lives

Back during the big protests when the government decided to throw out the Venezuelan constitution, I had some hope that the corrupt PSUV regime...

Venezuela Banning Imports Of Products That Could Be Used By Opposition

President Nicolas Maduro continues to put the clamps on the opposition party and the people of Venezuela. His current efforts involve preventing the opposition from obtaining the resources needed to prevent an uprising of the people.  He has done this by imposing strict new import restrictions.

Is Venezuela Attempting to Assassinate Marco Rubio?

More like Cuba and the USSR every day.

Cleaning Up the Socialist Disaster in Venezuela: Trump “Not Going to Rule Out a Military Option”

If you listen to Modern American Liberals, “Socialism” is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The problem is Socialism has never worked in any country which has installed it as a form of government.

Venezuela to Strip Opposition-Controlled Legislature of Power

Yes, it's a dictatorship, we've just stopped pretending.

Overnight thread – Venezuela Flies Apart

The center cannot hold.

Venezuela Caves and Releases Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez

More cracks appearing in the Maduro regime?

Don’t go to Venezuela

No pictures of us robbing civilians, please.

Last Major US Airline Halts Flights to Venezuela

Why would anyone even want to go there?

The Military May be the Deciding Factor in Venezuela

The Venezuelan military has a big decision to make.

Maduro’s Regime Begins to Collapse as Soldiers Defect

This might finally be the end of the Chavistas.

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