Wear Your Damn Masks, Wingnuts!

Do it for the Donald

Short and sweet — the left is in total control of the mask narrative and has the high ground argument which is:

They cost virtually nothing, we have lots of medical professionals that advise wearing them, and they may well save lives.

Boom. Done. La Fin. Se acabó la fiesta.

Now I know you want to drag out your charts and graphs but they’re not going to win the argument because there’s nothing above “it costs nothing and may save lives.” So give it up.

As to “but my body, my choice,” this loses to:

You mean you won’t do something that doesn’t cost you anything that may save a life?

Give it up.

But I don’t want to “because muh freedom.”

See above. Give it up.

But “I will die if I wear a mask!” Oh, for goodness sake! No one believes that. Besides, it still loses to “I don’t want you killing me because you think it might kill you!” Yes, I know, some people have legitimate concerns and if you do, you already know that you need to ask politely to be accommodated in some manner. Please don’t start swinging around your oxygen tank and bash some Karen with it!

The other reason to wear your damn mask is because it’s not going to be long before some idiot shoots a very nice Karen over a mask and a lot of people will go “I don’t want to be on the side of people who won’t wear a mask that might save lives and also kills Karens.”

The counter argument is “come join us in not wearing masks because we’re protecting your freedom!” Sorry, gang, this isn’t going to win over anyone compared with saving lives (right or wrong).

What is likely to be one of the first campaign promises that Joe Biden (by which I mean the person who ultimately runs against Trump) make? “I will immediately sign a nationwide Executive mask Order on my first day in office because it will save lives!” What should President Trump do? Try to argue that it won’t save lives or maybe that some people will die but they were probably old anyway? No. What President Trump should immediately do is say “I agree and we shouldn’t wait until January so I’m going to announce it today.” Boom. Done. The issue is off the table.

So here’s the thing . . . your civil disobedience against masks may well get you a national mask mandate. It’s also possible we’ll get one anyway because the issue isn’t worth losing the presidency over.

Frankly, after November 3, I couldn’t care less whether you wear a mask or not. Until then, wear your mask everywhere at all times except when you’re in the shower (assuming you’re alone in the shower, of course). Or stay at home and howl at the moon. Either is fine with me.


Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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