Did Trump take The Lord Humongous Offer?

Just. Walk. Away.

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OK, let’s start here for All That Follows to make sense: we are probably all pretty much in agreement that if Trump loses in November he and most of his family will be under a blizzard of investigations and indictments come February 2021.

The Blood Lust for completely destroying him personally, bankrupting him and ultimately putting him in political prison is and has been there since The Morning After the Election in 2016.

He is in a Game of Thrones situation: you win or you die.

Desperate times, right?

So why is Trump not behaving or governing like such a mortal threat to both his presidency and his personal life requires?

Here’s why: The Forces Aligned Against have made him the Lord Humongous Offer and he has taken it.

Just. Walk. Away.

(if you don’t understand then watch The Road Warrior and you’ll get it.)

The Forces have effectively insured that they will Control All once Demented Joe and a suitable lackey  VP have been selected and elected.

The Riots will stop.

The Chinese Virus will abate.

Normal commerce will resume.

The Media will go from sixty to zero in reporting crisis 24/7/365.

The Forces will again be in their accustomed positions of authority and power.

The Unelected Aristocracy of The Establishment will again have it’s hands on the rudder of The Ship of State.

The History of the Country and more importantly, it’s culture, will be Fundamentally Transformed.

The Social Order will be reshuffled and an Oppression Group Credit Score System put in place.

The Illegals will be legal.

And The Democrats will be in power in perpetuity, the majority of The Now Permanent Minority Republicans will happily return to The Grift and The Republic as we have known it will shuffle slowly off into a gentle sunset.

The Forces have made Trump a Deal he can’t refuse: go along to get along and you and yours get to live out your lives in a state of internal semi-exile thanks to Sundowner Joe’s Pardon which was issued for The Good of the Country.

Put up Resistance if you like, but if (when) you lose by going that route The Deal is off the table and it’s scorched earth against you and yours.

Talk about your Unified Field Conspiracy Theory of Krazee, huh?

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Now Just. Walk. Away…

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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