Impeachment No Longer Matters

It no longer matters whether the House impeaches President Trump or not.

The charges have been made and will be formalized in final Articles of Impeachment. President Trump has both a responsibility and a duty to address these charges. He also isn’t going to let an opportunity to lay waste to the Democrat party go to waste! I am greatly amused by our opponents on the Left predicting that President Trump will resign before being impeached. Not one chance in a googolplex.

A googolplex is 10100 in case you didn’t know.

The train to this has crossed the Rubicon and cannot be stopped. The Democrats have chosen their form of the Destructor.


And that would be William Louis Giuliani.

Rudy is currently in the Ukraine filming a documentary with OAN. This is so Donald Trump-esque. The Democrats made a mockery of the entire process by not positioning impeachment so that the American people could understand it. First it was Russia, then “quid-pro-quo,” then bribery, and it looks like they might wind up with abuse of power. President Trump will not make this mistake.

The documentary Rudy is creating will have real people, on camera, in the Ukraine, making real charges against real Democrats. How badly Joe Biden is damaged is hard to tell and I’m good with letting the chips fall where they may.

I liken this to the Michael Moore movie in some ways. Or, at least, Trump learned from Moore and is going to use the exact same strategy against the Democrats. President Trump is also a TV guy and he knows that he’s got very few minutes to keep the viewer’s attention. Perhaps this will look more like a 60 Minutes episode.

I also think about the video President Trump did for Chairman Kim Jung-Un. This time the audience will be the American people. It will be epic! Also, he won’t even bother to ask the MSM for air time to address the charges; he’ll put it on OAN and make them report on it. Hopefully OAN will rake in a boatload of money licensing the documentary!

In any event, while the Democrats will have a lot of meaningless words and lawyer-babble, President Trump will speak direct to the people quite possibility without ever being on camera himself. Although he may not be able to resist. Personally, I’d like to see him live tweet the event!

Regardless of whether there is a Senate trial or not, this is in the works and nothing will stop it. Although it appears the Democrats are going to take their shot.

Rudy is not a lightweight by any measure and I think he’s officially riled up now. Timing is everything and President Trump, if he’s an expert at anything, is an expert in determining the right timing for making his move. In the end, President Trump will take control of when and how he responds and will not put it in the hands of the Congress — regardless of anything having to do with impeachment. Hold on to your butts!

Mark Rosneck

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