Sunday, November 19, 2017
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The Megyn Kelly "makeover likability" tour is now over and "Megyn Today" has it's first show in the can. So what to make of...

The Pupu Files – Fake Camping with Megyn Kelly

This is Pupu Platter reporting from Manhattan where storm clouds continue to gather over the head of Megyn “Me Again” Kelly.The last time we...

Megyn Kelly Loses Her Sunday Show After Horrible Ratings Disaster

We won't have her to kick around much longer.

The Hillary Emails, Part 2: The Collusion of the Press

Make sure you clear it with the Queen Bee first.

Book of Trump, Chapter 25

Verily, The Trump doth bludgeon the media jackals.

President Blutarsky

Nothing is over until we decide it is

The Pupu Files – Megyn Kelly – What is NBC to do now?

As expected, MeAgain’s ratings went down, down and down for the third week in a row. This time, she not only lost to a 60 Minutes rerun, but she also lost to reruns of 'America's Funniest Home Videos'.  This is just pathetic now.

Gawker’s Former Blogs Just Can’t Stay Out of Trouble

Hopefully, Univision will be forced to pay a nice, fat settlement.

Ossoff vs. Handel: When you’ve lost the Daily Beast

Got to love this headline:Jon Ossoff's $23 Million Loss Shows Dems Have No Idea How to Win in the Age of TrumpAnd the picture...

The Pupu Files – Megyn Kelly – Not ready for Prime Time

Pu:  Rubbish, welcome to the Pupu Files!. You are the first guest we have ever had here.Rubbish:  Glad to be here. Now where do...

Bob Woodward: Mainstream Media Is Smug on Trump Coverage

Hey Bob, the media as we knew it is dead. Time to bury it.

BREAKING: Roger Ailes is dead at 77

 Roger Ailes has died. He was 77 years of age.Statement from Elizabeth Ailes:I am profoundly sad and heartbroken to report that my husband, Roger...

Shrewd Putin springs trap on mainstream media

Funny, I remember when the media loved the Russians, back when they were Soviets.

On to the White House Correspondents Dinner! – Open Thread

The Media whines and cries about Trump not being at the Dinner:

Trump is Still the Master of Media Manipulation

Trump's media management skills remain top notch.

The Power and Authority of the President – How Power is granted and held

With President Trump taking office, and his efforts to “change” the country, there is a call from his supporters to use the Power of...

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