Monday, October 23, 2017
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Democrats love Trump’s tax plan if they don’t know he is behind it

This is how far gone the Democrats are now. When the interviewer describes and lists the points of President Trump's tax plans, the Democrats...

Harvey Weinstein Forced Out of His Company

A little something for you guys to chew on overnight, Harvey Weinstein is quickly losing his financial and political muscle as his allies abandon...

Get Ready, A Bump Stock Ban Is Coming

One GOP rep is getting ready to introduce a bump stock ban bill.

NH Democrat Party Chair Mocks Rural Voters as “White Supremacists”

As our fabulously wealthy governing elite becomes more and more cut off from any sense of reality, expect to hear these hate-filled outbursts more...

Antifa’s real reign of terror is coming in the midterms and it’s headed straight for Democrats in red states

From a blog I have never heard of from a blog I have:   The people I’m feeling sorry for are you guys, gals–and other–who have...

How Can a Confederate General’s Statue Be Responsible for All of Memphis’ Problems? Here’s a Hint: It Isn’t.

  "Walking in Memphis. Walking with my feet ten feet off of Beale. Walking in Memphis. But, do I really feel the way I feel?" - Marc...

Another Day, Another Democrat Comes Out in Support of Antifa

Violence is okay as long as it's targeted at the correct, politically disfavored group!

Dems Noticing That Voters Think They’re Out of Touch

The voters just want someone to get them a job.

While Democrats Play “Social Justice Warriors”, They Destroy Any Chance of Gaining Back the White House. “It’s the Economy, Stupid.” (A KJ Analysis)

Americans are more concerned with providing for themselves and their families than they are with the silly "Social Justice Warrior" Political Games which the Democratic Party, which is being run by the Far Left, is playing.

Trump Having to Deal With Another Democrat Failure: North Korea (A KJ Analysis)

Our President’s plain-spoken warning of "fire and fury" to the little Korean Madman, Kim Jung Un, was entirely appropriate and needed to be said. Regardless of the "Concerned Handwringing" from the usual suspects.



Trump Replaces Priebus With Kelly. Dems and Vichy Republicans Clutch Their Pearls. “Unconventional”? Darn Skippy. (A KJ Analysis)

The problem you face, as the Republican Establishment, is that the majority of Americans are still Conservatives who want decisive leadership from those whom they send to Congress. You guys have spines of Jell-O.

Sorry Democrats, A Better Deal Won’t Help You – A Radius Podcast Exclusive!

They think their new slogan "A Better Deal" will help them connect with the people better.

House IT Vendor Stole Equipment and Info From DWS and Several Dems on Homeland Security, Foreign Affairs, and Intelligence Committees

We know that the Awans were sending money back home to Pakistan. Were they stockpiling American Government Information as well? Evidently they had the "run of the store" And, as we all know, Pakistan is a hotbed for Islamic Terrorism, Was the Aswan Family selling this information to the highest bidder among America's Enemies?

A Tale of Two Committees

Can YOU spot the difference?

FLASHBACK: Sen. Edward Kennedy Secretly Talked With the KGB to Prevent Ronald Reagan’s Reelection

Democrats have a long history of trying to influence U.S. elections with actual, secret overtures to outside groups. Hillary Clinton was plotting with the...

Liberal Democrat Disconnect: The Candidacy of Hillary Clinton and the Failure of Greentech Automotive

  Terry McAuliffe is an American businessman, fundraiser, politician, and former chairman of the Democratic Party. He served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee...

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