Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Trump Tells “Fake News Media” That They Are “Out of Control” – Why He’s Right

Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive! - Sir Walter Scott FoxNews.com reports that President Trump on Sunday slammed “the...

Embarrassing Desperation: CNN Calls For the Banning of the Term “FAKE NEWS”.

President Donald J. Trump has made the Media look tremendously naïve and stupid on several occasions, in scenes reminiscent of Lucy Van Pelt promising to...

Trump’s Department of Justice Sues to Stop Time Warner From Merging with AT&T

Here we go, AT&T and Time Warner were slated to merge in a years long deal, but now the Trump administration will likely put an end to it just short of the finish line, over CNN.

Justice Department Demands AT&T Sell CNN to Merge With Time-Warner

Barack Obama made a habit of weaponizing the government against his enemies, bringing a third world, banana republic style politics to the United States....

CNN’s Acosta Gets Into Fight With Sarah Huckabee Sanders Over Uranium One [VIDEO]

CNN reporter: Are you trying to gin up your own anti-Russia hysteria against the Democrats?!

Medal of Honor Recipient Vindicated from Despicable CNN Fake News

I know that many of you saw that President Trump presented the Medal of Honor to Capt. Gary Michael Rose for gallantry during Operation Tailwind....

Pokemon Go: Innocent Fun Or Evil Russian Cyberthreat?

Is Pokemon Go the next front in Russia's cyberwar against America?

CNN Reporter Labels Country Music Fans “Trump Supporters” After Las Vegas Massacre. Can You Say “Liberal Bias”?

For those of us who live in the Heartland, and especially in the South, the Main Stream Media have shown themselves over the years to be...

Is Puerto Rico’s Devastation From Maria Trump’s Katrina?

CNN wants you all to know that this is the worst disaster since George W. Bush during Katrina. Except this time, "Trump's Katrina" is definitely worse.

This Retweet May Have Just Ended the Trump Presidency UPDATE: CNN Panel Flabbergasted

Is this the end of the Trump Presidency?

Fake News PSA: Charlottesville Organizer Jason Kessler Did NOT Work for CNN, Jason M Kessler Did

Fake News strikes again. Stop falling for it!

Don Lemon Is Triggered And It’s Hilarious

Don Lemon gave a completely unhinged monologue last night after Donald Trump's rally in Phoenix, AZ. A rally which, I might add, has been...

Sparta Report’s Addition to the #CNNMemeWar

Trump shows CNN how it is done. This was submitted for the Great CNN Meme Wars contest from InfoWars. h/t for Rovin for the original video...

Like a Scorned Lover, CNN Attempts to Blackmail an Average American…Over a Video. Desperation is Embarrassed.

  The Main Stream Media has gotten so desperate to bring down President Donald J. Trump that that they have adopted the strategy of publishing...

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