Missouri’s Governor Will Pardon Mark And Patricia McCloskey


Missouri Governor McCloskey Pardon

Mark and Patricia McCloskey gained instant and unwelcome notoriety when a video of the St. Louis couple defending themselves from a violent Black Lives Matter mob went viral. The McCloskeys were filmed standing on their porch in an armed face off with the mob that had broken down the gates to their exclusive neighborhood just minutes before.

Leftist circuit attorney Kim Gardner announced a few days later that her office would be investigating the McCloskeys for their use of firearms to defend their lives and property. Gardner had stated “we will not tolerate the use of force against those exercising their First Amendment rights.”

The McCloskey’s home was raided by police during the course of the investigation. The AR-15 that Mark McCloskey used was confiscated.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson stated during an interview on “The Mark Cox Morning Show” that he would likely pardon the Mark and Patricia if they were charged with a crime:

“A mob does not have the right to charge your property. They had every right to protect themselves,” he said.

Asked whether he would consider a pardon if charges were filed, Parsons said, “I think that’s exactly what would happen.”

“Right now, that’s what I feel,” he said. “You don’t know until you hear all the facts. But right now, if this is all about going after them for doing a lawful act, then yeah, if that scenario ever happened, I don’t think they’re going to spend any time in jail.”

Mark McCloskey has reported multiple times that the mob threatened him and his wife, even going as far to state they would burn the house down with the McCloskeys inside. As stated earlier, the mob had just broken down the heavy steel gate barring access to the exclusive neighborhood. This was a Marxist intimidation squad, no ifs ands or buts.

The McCloskeys acted to defend themselves from the violent mob. They absolutely should be pardoned if Gardner ends up charging them with a crime.


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