Behold Alyssa Milano’s Epic Twitter Meltdown!


Alyssa Milano Meltdown

Life under quarantine in the (former) Golden State of California must be getting to Alyssa Milano. The Leftist actress has never been shy about spewing her political beliefs without anyone asking for them. Last night, however, Alyssa Milano posted a truly epic rant that shows just how unhinged she’s become.

By all means, Alyssa, vent away. That’s why we’re on Twitter, after all.

I’m completely mystified by anyone who thinks a man who frequently confuses his wife with his sister, has to be led away from a press conference lest he try to stay and answer questions off the cuff, can barely handle a scripted press conference, and who thinks the 2020 census occurred 2 censuses (censi?) ago would be a better choice than President Trump.

I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this point, though. Perhaps we can ask one of the only 247 people who watched Joementia’s last scripted event.

Honestly, Alyssa, no one cares if you send your kids to school or keep them home. You’re rich enough to be able to afford to do whatever you want with them. The rest of America, however, wants to be able to send their kids to school this fall. Most parents who aren’t completely brainwashed by the Leftist media understand that keeping kids home from school will hurt far more than it helps. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics, a group that represents 67,000 pediatricians (you know, doctors) has explicitly stated that keeping kids home from school will result in irrevocable harm.

Why are you denying the science of sending kids back to school?

Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, enacted a policy of shoving Chinese Coronavirus patients into nursing homes in the early stages of the pandemic. Nursing homes were required under penalty of law to accept these highly contagious patients and house them with the most vulnerable of New York’s citizens.

You’re right, Alyssa, there was a botched plandemic…err…pandemic response, but it wasn’t President Trump who botched it.

The “secret police” aren’t actually secret, Alyssa.

All right, you’ve got me. I actually have no clue what in the hell you’re talking about here.

You and your Leftist friends in the media have spent the last few months literally scaring Americans to death. They’ve demonized legitimate treatments for the Chinese Coronavirus to the point where you aren’t allowed to talk about them on social media. The Left has convinced Americans that the only two choices are to stay home and wear a mask or die.

I too weep for the children who will never grow to know their full potential. These children will spend the rest of their lives living in abject fear.

And it’s your fault, Alyssa.

Says the woman who wore blackface.

Barack Obama locked those babies in those cages, Alyssa. Why weren’t you hell bent on breaking them out and demanding they be reunited with their mamas then?

You know how many people cared about that outside of the Leftist intelligentsia and Hollywood?

Absolutely no one.


Because not everything is racist.

Perhaps it’s because Joe Rogan is witty, insightful, and entertaining whereas you’re simply a dried up old shrew suffering from early onset menopause who realized physical beauty is fleeting and you desperately need to reinvent yourself in order to stay relevant in a world that increasingly wonders who the hell this vapid old woman is screeching at them on Twitter?

Obviously, someone has never had the fortune of experiencing the extreme back biting and social ostracizing that goes on between elementary-age girls on the playground.

I’m sorry, Alyssa, you’ve reached your fourth ORANGE MAN BAD tweet. You’re only allowed two of those per unhinged rant.

Again, your fault. You and your ilk saw the final opportunity to try and take out Orange Man Bad in November. You grasped at it harder than a drowning man wrapping his claws around a life saver.

Cheer up, fatty, I hear Sports Illustrated just signed their most…luxurious model yet. Might want to have your agent get in touch with them.

I see someone’s getting her beauty tips from Gwyneth Paltrow…

Alyssa Milano Jesus


You did hear me when I told you this was all your fault, right?

I’m sorry, did you honestly think they liked being called racist 24/7?


Why would you fight for a country that you hate with ever fiber of your being?

Actually, I do feel better. It’s nice to know that someone who has everything is far more miserable than I could ever be.

Thank you, Alyssa. Your tears shall sustain me through the cold Winter months.

Alyssa Milano tears


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