Is Marcus DiPaola The Next Impeachment Bomb?


I’ve told you that the Democrats are going to be concentrating on impeaching President Trump for pretty much the exact same non-crimes he was just acquitted of. Jerry Nadler has made noise about subpoenaing John Bolton, and Chuck Schumer has stated President Trump should be impeached again.

Democrats are going full steam ahead with Impeachment: Part Deux because they have zero strategy going into 2020 beyond propping up an ailing, flailing Joe Biden.

Wednesday morning I stumbled upon this Twitter thread by one Marcus DiPaola, a freelance journalist who is listed as a contributing reporter for Business Insider. Mr. DiPaola alleges that President Trump is none other than a traitor to this country and a Russian asset.

I’ve posted his Twitter thread in its entirety below. Be warned, it gets a little weird.

Twitter Leftists, of course, are eating up Mr. DiPaola’s rather incredible tale.

Essentially, Marcus DiPaola is alleging that President Trump is, in fact, a Russian agent and a traitor to this country. Marcus DiPaola is also alleging that Fox News fired him and had him poisoned.

Forgive me for saying so, but this reads like something out of a bad, young adult spy novel written by Rachel Maddow with the forward written by Adam Schiff.

Two things are interesting about Marcus DiPaola. First and foremost is this tweet from his timeline on the status of his mental health that he posted last month.

I’m immediately suspicious of anyone claiming to have earth-shattering revelations about a sitting president regardless of who it is. I’m doubly suspicious when that person freely admits that they are currently receiving treatment for PTSD and generalized anxiety.

Second, Marcus DiPaola’s timeline in general is extremely anti-Trump. DiPaola’s Business Insider bio lists an article he wrote after President Trump kicked off his 2020 campaign in Orlando. The title of the article is “Trump kicked off his 2020 campaign with a freewheeling rally riddled with falsehoods as he excoriated Mueller, Democrats, and the press.”

It’s pretty much exactly what one would expect from a journalist such as Marcus DiPaola:

A few minutes into the speech, the president tested the slogan for his 2020 campaign — “Keep America Great” — to the roaring crowd and rattled off many familiar grievances against his perceived enemies.

While railing against the FBI’s Russia investigation and the former special counsel Robert Mueller, Trump declared, “No president should ever have to go through this again … our patriotic movement has been under assault from the very first day.”

He went on to falsely claim that he still accomplished “more than any other president has in the first two years of a presidency, and under circumstances that no president has had to deal with before.”

He also insisted Mueller had exonerated him of any wrongdoing and that Democrats now want “a do-over.” (Mueller’s team specified that its report “does not exonerate” the president and indicated that it was up to Congress to investigate further.)

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Marcus DiPaola can be found in his Business Insider bio, which lists some of his former employers. I’ve posted the bio in full below, and added emphasis.

Marcus is a contributing reporter for Insider Inc. covering the 2020 elections.

He spent the 2016 election following and covering Donald Trump as he crisscrossed the country. He grew up in China, and moved to the U.S. when he was 16. His work has been published everywhere from outlets as large as The New York Times to those as obscure as China’s Xinhua News Agency. He resides in Washington D.C. but for the past couple of years spent most of his time on the road covering news.

Marcus DiPaola also highlights the fact that he grew up in China in his Twitter profile.

Marcus DiPaola Twitter

Are Democrats planning on using this anti-Trump journalist who grew up in China and reported for their state-run media as the next impeachment bomb?

I don’t know, but I’d be very interested in knowing if he’s been talking with any of Adam Schiff’s staffers.

Pay attention to this one, Spartans.


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