Leftists Panic As Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized


Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized

Supreme Court Justice and Leftist icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized Friday evening with a fever. Ginsburg’s latest flirtation with the Great Beyond comes on the heels of a nasty fall that broke several ribs, surgery for lung cancer, and treatment for pancreatic cancer. A SCOTUS spokeswoman released a statement saying Ginsburg is doing well and expected to be released from Johns Hopkins Hospital Sunday morning.

Needless to say, Leftists were freaking the hell out over the prospect of Notorious RBG’s (possibly) impending demise.

The same Leftists that deride “thoughts and prayers” in the aftermath of a mass shooting/terror attack/natural disaster/Epstein “suicide” suddenly discovered the power of thoughts and prayers.

Honestly, I’m not sure whether or not that last one is serious or just trolling. With Leftists it’s really hard to tell what’s satire and what’s real.

Naturally, I had to make my own little contribution to the Justice Ginsburg Twitter trend.

One intrepid young Leftist tried to buoy the spirits of anyone who might have been triggered by my heartless yet hilariously accurate meme.

This is especially hilarious given the fact that Mitch McConnell has said that he absolutely would confirm another SCOTUS nominee if given the chance.

If you thought the Left was completely insane now, just wait until Notorious RBG kicks the bucket and President Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett to replace her.

The screeching will be freaking epic.


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