Why Nanzi will never allow a Peachmint vote

Those darn Senate rules!

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Like you,  I was listening on and off to El Rushbo the other day when he veered onto a riff about something I had never heard of:

There are some rules that apply for Senate behavior during an impeachment trial. Among those rules are these. If the Senate has an impeachment trial during that time — some say it would be six on eight weeks, it depends on how many articles of impeachment that the House prepares.

So a Senate trial, let’s figure four to six weeks. And when would this start, by the way? This would not start before the end of the year. They can dream about it, but Democrats aren’t even gonna have a vote yet. They’re not even gonna go public. Schiff is talking about maybe having some of this testimony that he’s doing in public after Thanksgiving or sometime in November. The point is, that no member of the Senate can engage in campaigning during a Senate trial. Did you know that?

How many senators are running for president on the Democrat side? They would not be permitted to campaign. You can’t do it. The jury can’t go about their own business, jury can’t do anything involving the case while they’re sitting and hearing it. Same thing for the Senate. Well, let’s go through the names here.

That would take Fauxcahontas off the campaign. It would take Kamala Harris off the campaign. It would take Spartacus, Cory Booker, off the campaign. It would take mean little Amy Klobuchar off the campaign, and Crazy Bernie. He would have to rely on his surrogate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

But guess who could campaign? All the rest of them.

Well whoa there Nellie!

At first I though this was just Rush doing some high-quality gas-bagging but damned if The Ol’ Perfesser wasn’t right.

No less a source that the incomparable Buzzfeed confirms the dish:

An impeachment trial in the Senate would be a massive threat to President Donald Trump, but it could also cripple — or boost — the campaigns of a half dozen Democrats vying to beat him.

A House vote to impeach the president seems overwhelmingly likely, as his administration refuses to cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry. That would kick impeachment to a trial in the Senate as soon as late November.

An impeachment trial would consume every senator’s schedule. Under the Senate’s current rules, all senators must be in session Monday through Saturday, starting at around noon each day. The trial may last several weeks — Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial lasted five — thus taking several candidates off the campaign trail the month before the primaries start.

That’s a major problem for the six senators running to be the Democratic nominee for president — Cory Booker, Michael Bennet, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren.


And Greg Jarrett says the same:

 If the House passes impeachment articles and the trial goes to the Senate, all the senators have to be present for the trial. The jurors for the impeachment trial are the senators, six of whom are currently running in the Democratic primary for president.

Imagine that Cocaine Mitch gets the Articles of Peachmint in December (January is more likely but hey, doubt benefit given).  What’s the chance that The Turtle doesn’t slow-walk the whole process to inflict Maximum Damage to almost half of the Democrats primary field?

Can you say Bye-Bye Super Tuesday?

So is Nanzi gonna basically knee-cap a whole passel of the most viable 2020 Donk candidates?

Uh, no.




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Written by Bruno Strozek

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