If there is truly a God, we will get our impeachment

Democrat Impeachment Circle Jerk

We deserve an impeachment! After three long years, the Democrats owe us this and we shouldn’t settle for anything less. In fact, if they need a bit of money, I’d give to a Despicables for Impeaching Trump GoFundMe campaign.

I want to see an Articles of Impeachment written with real words on real paper saying exactly what “high crimes and misdemeanors” the President is guilty of. No more tweets and innuendo along with fake news reporting. And then I want the Democrats to vote on it and pass it with everyone on the record. Step up to the plate and take your swing. Goodness knows you’ve claimed there are a number of balls you could have hit out of the park these last three years.

You’ve managed to impeach the President. Congratulations.

And then we’re done with you folks. You can howl all you want from this point on and you’re irrelevant because the ball is now in the Senate’s court.

Let’s get on with the trial.

Here’s where I want to see some serious Swamp Draining. You’ve teed it up perfectly and it’s time for us to take a swing. Here’s a hint – the Senate has subpoena power and the first person I want to see called is Barack Obama. There are some serious questions we Despicables want answered. Bring them all up and let’s ask every question we ever wanted to ask them under oath.

I want Adam Schiff subpoenaed and I want him to testify under oath exactly who gave him what information and when.

I want the whistleblower questioned under oath. Accused have a right to face their accuser and I want Donald Trump in the room. We cannot set the precedent that whistleblower laws protect participants in a coup.

I want everyone associated with the “dossier” brought in and questioned under oath. That includes MI-6 spy Christopher Steele. And I don’t want to hear any other answer other than “we’ll put him on the next plane.” Any other answer results in “that’s fine. A Navy Seal extraction team is en route. Don’t even think about fucking with them.”

I want to have the President of the Ukraine come to America and testify.

I also don’t see why Vladmir Putin shouldn’t make the trip as well. I want him and the people Mueller identified to testify be it on video on in person.

I want to see the cast from the FBI asked “What is the definition of a coup? Do you think what you did constitutes an attempted coup?”

And I want the whole damn thing televised.

I want the Republican floor managers to grow a spine so that we listen to as little speechifying from all the Senators as possible. I think we all know what you think.

I also want some theater so I’d like President Trump to ask some of the questions. I want President Trump to look Barack Obama right in the face and ask “when did you have suspicions that the Russians might be trying to influence the election? Why didn’t you immediately inform my campaign so we could increase our security? Did you consult with anyone on the Hillary campaign to come to that decision?”

I also want the fake news dealt with. Let’s get them all up there. “When you published a story with anonymous sources, did you actually have a source or did you just make it up?” “What is your definition of a coup?” “Do you think that news organizations can be participants in a coup?” “Were you a participant in a coup?”

I also don’t care how long this takes. If it takes three, or four, or five months to have this trial, let’s do it. Every bit of it!

And then let’s vote to declare President Trump not guilty and get on with his second term.

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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