Dunking On Bill Mitchell And Red Flag Laws

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Bill Mitchell Red Flag Laws

Back to back mass shootings by white men in their 20s have put red flag laws back on the political radar this week.A red flag law-also known as a gun violence restraining order-essentially allows a judge to order police to confiscate an individual’s weapons if that person is deemed a threat to themselves or others.

Several states have red flag laws of varying intensity. California’s AB 1014 is especially restrictive compared to Florida’s laws which were enacted after the Parkland shooting.

I’ve gone into great detail about how and why red flag laws are horrible pieces of legislation. Essentially, they allow judges and police to bypass Constitutional rights with only the bares nod to due process. You’re being punished because you might commit a crime.

Unfortunately, many Republicans, President Trump included, have called for national red flag laws in an effort to attempt to prevent mass shootings.

One Republican who has been a staunch advocate of President Trump’s call for red flag laws is outspoken Trump supporter and radio host Bill Mitchell.

In an effort to bolster his position supporting red flag laws Bill cited a very real incident where a woman in Texas reported a mass shooting threat her grandson made to the police.

The police in this case investigated the threat, and found that William Patrick Williams had purchased his firearm illegally. Law enforcement then arrested Williams, thus preventing a potential mass shooting.

I failed to see how this vindicated Bill Mitchell’s position, however, and I said as much in response to this tweet.

To say things escalated quickly at that point would be an understatement.

Bill Mitchell Red Flag Laws tweet

William Patrick Williams did not purchase his firearm legally, which is why the police arrested him. Bill’s implication, I guess, is that I would have been okay if the police hadn’t investigated Williams’ threat if he had purchased the gun legally and then gone on to kill a bunch of people.

I guess.

Rather than answer a rather perplexing hypothetical I chose to answer with a rather sensible question.

Unfortunately, I never got a response to my questions. After receiving an outpouring of criticism from some rather sensible Trumpers who defended the Constitution, Bill deleted his tweet.

I am a die hard Trump supporter. I will be on the Trump Train do or die come hell or high water. There’s very little President Trump can do to get me to withdraw my support. Even then I would probably still vote for him because the alternative is too terrible to contemplate.

What I will not do, however, is give up my belief that red flag laws are a flagrant violation of the Constitution. Indeed, red flag laws violate the basic tenets of our judicial system, and bestow a power on the government it was never meant to have.

I will not stop fighting against red flag laws simply because President Trump is calling for them. I can and will call President Trump out when I feel he’s in the wrong.

MAGA neither requires nor desires slavish adherence to everything President Trump says and does.

After all, even the God Emperor can make a mistake.


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