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Catholic Civil War rages in Portlandia

The Pope’s Empire strikes back…

A Portland Catholic church is in the midst of a civil war between The Minions of The Pope and the #Progressive Ponytails.

For most of the proggy congregation, being forced to follow Traditional Catholic doctrine and the rest of the rigmarole is apparently a bridge to far.

PJMedia’s Stephen Kruiser has the skinny:

A group of very progressive Roman Catholics in Portland, left to their own devices for too long and allowed to make up their own rules, is now bristling under a new pastor who is reminding them to which Church they belong.

There are any number of feel-good Christian denominations where these people can find the progressivism and entertainment that they want, and they’re free to join them.

What they are not free to do, however, is attempt to give a local rewrite to the Catechism of the Catholic Church so that it has more of a Portland hippie vibe.

The story is also picked up over at The American Conservative.

From Rod Dreher’s (yeah, I know,  but stick with it anyway) post on the Grey Ponytails versus Monsignor McHitler (a Priest of Color) who was sent into deepest Portlandia to Right the Ship of Faith:

This is pretty amazing. A couple of Portland readers have sent me this story about what happened when the Catholic archbishop of Portland sent a priest in to reform a wackadoodle progressive parish that had gone native. The Oregonian’s report on it is hysterically biased, making the priest look like a monster; the reporter never once appears to have considered that Catholicism is a religion that has clear norms, and this parish’s previous leadership had seriously violated them, for a long time. Anyway, from the story about St. Francis parish, identified by the newspaper as having “long been known as a bastion of progressive Catholic faith.”

George Kuforiji was assigned to St. Francis by the archdiocese and took over July 2018.

Parishioners said the changes he made were almost immediate.

For years, St. Francis used inclusive language in its scripture readings. With references to God, for instance, they avoided using “he,” “lord” or “king” and instead used simply “God” or “creator.”

Kuforiji switched readings to traditional scripture, no longer allowing the new wording.

They (note: the progressive ponytails) interrupted and ended the holy sacrifice of the Mass. If this action doesn’t demonstrate why the Archbishop had to reclaim this renegade parish for the Catholic Church, nothing does.

It would be nice, though, if the people protesting at St. Francis would give a moment’s thought to all the orthodox, traditional people, now long dead, at that parish who saw what was happening to their parish, and who were not listened to, whose views did not matter, because all the progressives were busy singing a new church into being. It’s hard being on the other side, isn’t it?

The embedded video in Dreher’s post is definitely worth a gander, but you really ought to read both posts.

(Full Disclosure: as a Lutefisk Lutheran I don’t really have a mutt in this rumble but I know for a fact that you really don’t have to stay in the Catholic Church if you don’t find it to your liking. Kudos to old Marty Luther for that one…)

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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