Impeachment is Not a Strategy

Regardless of what Bruno says!

Uncle Bruno opined the other day that the long game for the Democrats involved making Donald Trump the first president to run for re-election after being impeached. Not saying that he has, but it makes me wonder if he’s reached “Mueller age” and has a few loose screws.

For millennia, Republicans and, in particular, conservatives have opined that Democrats are actually more organized and more strategic than we are. Ironically, Democrats believe we’re the ones who have our act together. Guess what? Both sides are completely clueless which, as it turns out, is the key to the two party system.

I was reading the other day about how Karl Rove was the architect of the strategy to attack the strength of your adversary and turn it into a weakness. I don’t think so! I well remember the attacks on Ronald Reagan for lack of intellect (a great conservative thinker), George H.W. Bush for being clumsy (star athlete). And George W. Bush was stupid. Maybe there’s some truth there but he also had a Harvard MBA and was a fighter pilot. Now, of course, Donald Trump is a poor businessman, a racist, and a Nazi. Before he became president, he was “The Donald” who was universally respected and loved.

The Democrats really do have a “playbook” which they go to time after time after time. It’s the only way to keep their collection of special interest groups aligned. The Republicans have a playbook as well. President Trump kept some of it and threw out the rest to the consternation of the GOPe.

The Democrats are doing exactly what they’ve said they’d do which is to #RESIST and their hatred of Trump is personal and visceral. They’re running every play in the playbook and becoming more and more frustrated when they don’t work.

They have no strategy other than that.

Impeaching Donald Trump at this stage in the game is idiotic. The problem the Democrats have is that they have have a presidential primary coming up that begins in February 2020. Bill Clinton’s impeachment lasted two months so we’ll use that as a guess for how long a Trump impeachment might take. What that means is that they need to get started in mid-December.

During this period, every bit of the media attention will be focused on the impeachment and will suck all the air out of the political room. It will be virtually impossible for any Democrat to effectively campaign. This might be good for Biden since when the dust settles, he has the best name recognition to win some primaries on that alone.

Impeachment could well turn out to be essentially one big campaign debate and the 2020 campaign strictly focused on whether President Trump deserved to be impeached given the terrific job he’s done. Remember how surprised the Republicans were when Bill Clinton’s popularity hit its high when he was impeached.?

Beware of what you ask for; you might get it.

Oh, yeah . . . what’s the deal with the car with bird poop all over it. Just saw it at a McDonalds in Oregon and it made me laugh.

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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