Minneapolistan: Somali teens attack LRT riders with hammers

Local Media oddly silent

A mob of 8-10 Somali teenagers attacked LRT riders at a station stop near the University of Minnesota and the Little Mogadishu neighborhood in Minneapolis last Friday night.

As of this posting, no local media outlet has reported anything on the attack which occurred five days ago.

Red State has the best summary of the incident:

Alpha News MN has reported that a group of 8-10 Somali teens attacked travelers at the East Bank Light Rail Station in Minneapolis on Friday night. There were several injuries reported.  (Here is the Minneapolis Police Department dispatch audio.)

This station stop is located next to the University of Minnesota campus.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this incident is how little media attention it received. The second most remarkable thing is that none of the article titles about this story indicate that these teenagers were Somali.

This is a developing story.

Or not…

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