Why Did The 9th Circuit Side With Trump?

Why indeed…

Friday’s ruling by a three judge panel on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that stayed an earlier judge’s ruling to force the Trump administration to release asylum seekers into the United States came as something of a shock for everyone. The 9th Circuit is the most reliably liberal (Leftist) court in the country. When Democrats need an activist judge to shred the Constitution, they pick up the phone and dial the 9th Circuit.

Why then would the 9th Circuit decide to take Trump’s side in a case they normally would not? Surely the Obama and Clinton appointees on the panel would rule on the side of the illegal immigrants in this case. Yet the 9th’s decision was unanimous in this regard.


Don Surber thinks he has the answer, and it has everything to do with Trump’s recent threat to bus illegal immigrants straight to the Left’s sanctuary cities:

President Trump likely would have prevailed on appeal. These Hawaiian judges have a poor track record in appellate court.

But he wanted to make sure that he won.

Plus, sticking it to liberals is always fun. California calls itself a sanctuary state.

The president just told them: sanctuary this.

A three-member panel of the Ninth backed down.

I must admit this is an angle I hadn’t considered. It’s also very telling that the Left is desperate enough to keep illegal immigrants out of their own backyards that they would hand Trump an obvious win.

“Acts of love” indeed.


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