Trump Demands Democrats Fix Lax Immigration Laws…Or Else

Or else what?

Trump Democrats Immigration Laws

President Trump again repeated his threat to saddle Democrats’ beloved sanctuary cities with the “cultural enrichment” only illegal aliens can provide. Trump also called on Democrats to fix the country’s lax immigration laws in a tweet Saturday evening.

Strangely enough, Democrats have been rather reluctant to welcome hordes of illegal aliens…erm…undocumented bundles of joy and love into their own backyards. Leftists reacted to President Trump’s latest demand with their typical venom.

The oath of office that all Democrats took when they were elected included a little tidbit about “preserving and protecting” the Constitution.

Shockingly, President Trump expects Democrats to actually live up to their end of the bargain.

You added an unnecessary space after “you” and “idiot.”

Proper grammar is a must when calling someone an idiot on the Internet.

His Twitter bio says “mental health counselor.”

Right, and I’m Meghan Markle’s cisgendered bastard love child she had with Elton John.

I mean…he’s not wrong.

Oh look, it’s a Krassenstein brother tossing out lies on a Trump tweet. I’d come up with some kind of witty retort, but quite frankly the Krassensteins are boring as hell.

Trump Democrats Immigration Laws Krassenstein

What about hoary old Democrat crones that acid wash their illegal private servers and then bust up their phones with a hammer?


Sounds like the latest fragrance from Calvin Klein.

Trump Democrats Immigration Laws Inpeachment
Smells like desperation and outrage…

She just described 90% of the Democrat party.

First, it’s actually not illegal. ICE has the power to send illegal immigrants pretty much wherever they want.

Second, Democrats could change the laws if they dropped their ridiculous #Resist crap and actually tried to work with Republicans on common sense solutions to illegal immigration.

That would require, you know, actually governing, something Democrats haven’t shown any interest in so far.

Or else Trump’s going to send bus loads of illegal aliens to sanctuary cities.

Did you not read the tweet you were replying to?

Trump’s got Democrats so hot and bothered they’ve lost all of their reading comprehension skills!


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