“The Big Deal” Government Shutdown Gambit

The Big Boy Play

I was speculating on whether President Trump has a 3D Chess move or whether this government shutdown is checkmate for the wall.

I must say that this tweet set me aback a little bit:

We had the issue, have the issue and want the issue dealt with. If we couldn’t get it done with both houses and the presidency, we’re not going to get it done in 2020 either. Winning elections is fine but we need a solution here and we need it now.

One play that the president has at this point is the “big deal.” You actually see this fairly frequently in business. Here are some of the ways “the big deal” happens.

  1. Company A sues Company B over something like a patent infringement. At some point, both companies realize they’re both in the same business and it will benefit both if they simply merge rather than trying to put each other out of business.
  2. Company A is larger but less profitable than Company B. Company B buys Company A and  downsizes Company A to get rid of a lot of deadwood and unprofitable businesses.
  3. Company A and Company B hate each other’s ever living guts. However, both have a large competitor who they hate even worse so they merge.
  4. Company A has a lot of cash and decides it’s easier to grow by acquiring Company B than doing it themselves.

What’s usually a common denominator is Company A really doesn’t know a lot about Company B except what they see on a balance sheet. Something then causes the CEO of Company A to meet with the CEO of Company B. Maybe it’s a member of their Board of Directors who puts them together or maybe they just wind up playing golf together (an event that is hardly ever random!)

In any instance, someone throws out a wild, out of the box, idea like “since I can’t get you to sell me your product for the price I want, how about I just buy your company.” A couple drinks at the 19th hole and the previously unthinkable is reality.

Happens all the time.

What also happens all the time is that the CEO of Company B says something like “screw you and the horse you rode in on!” What needs to occur then is that an intermediary must appear to help the CEO of Company B see the value and to take the discussion out of the domain of the personal into the domain of how it benefits Company B (and usually make both CEOs richer than they already are).

Happens all the time.

In terms of immigration, Nancy and Chuck have staked out a position that’s going to be difficult to pull back from although it’s certainly possible. It’s also difficult for me to see how they can be moved out of the personal domain to working in the country’s best interest.

I now present to you — The Big Deal on Immigration as presented by President Donald J. Trump.

Dear Nancy and Chuck,

We’re at an impasse and I don’t think we can negotiate with one another. Here’s what I want to do. I want to create create a Commission headed by Barack Obama and George W. Bush to recommend a complete solution for immigration that encompasses border security, DACA, birthright citizenship, and a path to citizenship for illegal aliens currently in the country.

All documents and hearings will be made available on line for total transparency. The Commission will have one member from each party from the House and the Senate who are responsible for presenting Bills to their respective houses for voting in January 2020.

I will immediately sign the reconciled Bill.

You guys in? If so, let’s reopen the government and get about doing the People’s business.


Is this the right “big deal”? Maybe not — but it would be fun!

Just to make things more interesting, how about if the president announces the “big deal” at the State of the Union Show? It never occurred to me but the State of the Union Show can really be any time although it’s traditionally been late January or early February. I’m thinking this would work nicely and he keeps the government shut down until bringing everything to a crescendo at the State of the Union Show the end of the month.

The ratings would be YUGE!

One of these days I’m going to be right about something like this! Yes, yes. Even a broken clock is right twice a day!

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