Getting Caught Listening to the Press

The Hateful 4th Estate Attempts to Convince us to Change the South

Final score:  Cindy Hyde-Smith 56 percent, Mike Espy 44 percent.  In an era where vote margins of victory are as narrow as a half a percent, Hyde-Smith’s margins of 8 percentage points is a wipeout.  Cindy Hyde-Smith is significant also by adding another woman to the Senate, for those who believe in the importance of such matters.

However, the people who think such matters are important are upset, because Hyde-Smith is a Republican.  And so she must be defeated.  But in the Solid South, how?

They did it by simply saying that the South is no longer solid.  They take comfort from their successful attack in next-door Alabama in which they scandalized a good man, Roy Moore, and provided a near alternative in Doug Jones.  You counter by prodding Mike Espy, a carpet-bagging former member of the Clinton administration who hasn’t paid taxes in over 20 years.  You crank up the scandal machine, the old reliable that has worked before, equating Hyde-Smith to lynching and imply that voting for her is to vote for the Klan.  And you write, day after day, over and over, that this is a real race, a close race, that the south is not solid and we’re about to see a historical shift in voting.

And we listened to them.  Without ANY evidence to the contrary, we actually believed them.

I ask everyone here; did they produce ANY polls that said Espy was within the margin of error of Hyde-Smith?  Did they produce any polls at all?  No, because the truth was that Espy was never close to competing with her.  However, the press had the power of the pen.  They’re the ones writing the articles.  And they wrote in as many ways as possible that Mississippi was going to be the next domino to fall.

I never believed them, with great reason.  I grew up on the Gulf Coast, far away from one of our fair founders of this site, and I knew Mississippi.   We are friendly, compassionate people who live away from the popular impression that the 4th estate pigeon-holes us as. In a state with little wealth, we hold three things as dear to us; family, faith, and country.  We are engaged followers of politics. We’re much shrewder than the “smart” people who think they know everything about us and have learned to keep our opinions to ourselves.  And finally, we have long memories.

As a solid Republican vote, neither party visits us; after all, why waste money?  We did get a visit from the Obama administration, however.  In 2016, Michelle Obama came to the Jackson State graduation.  Her message?  We’re all racists here in Mississippi.  Don’t believe our sincere attempts to live together, people in Mississippi don’t wish anything but subjugation.  In other words, her visit was a slap in the face on the way out the door.  In a surprise in 2016 we got a visit from a Republican; Donald Trump came, the first visit since Ronald Reagan.  It spoke volumes to us and to others that this was no ordinary politician, and he wouldn’t take anyone for granted.

Mississippi memories are long.  Against the backdrop of this 2018 election, with the Democrats now trying to come for our vote, we weren’t buying it.

I’m not a braggart, I’m not over-confident, I take nothing for granted.  However, when I heard the fears echoed here and other websites, I had enough.  I confidently staked out that Hyde-Smith would win by six, and to myself I thought it would be more.  I believed NOTHING from the press that hates us.  They are liars and are invested in the Democrats.  What I also wanted to do it show also that in our new-found confidence in our position since the election of Donald Trump, we must not listen to the press in fear.

We will lose elections.  We will have to step back and fight back.  But let this be the last time that we believe the press.  Never give them the benefit of the doubt; they don’t’ deserve it.  They will erode our confidence, make us doubt ourselves, and make us disbelieve each other.

If you have to, stop reading them.  If you read them, doubt every word.  They want to kill everything that makes this country great, and every word they print is molded from that belief. They don’t deserve the dignity of believing them, and don’t give it to them.

Remember this election, and use it to weigh the elections to come.


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