Violent Leftist Nearly Murders A Republican Candidate

Rudy Peters is running against Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell for his seat in California’s 15th Congressional District.

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Republican congressional candidate Rudy Peters was nearly killed by a crazed, violent Leftist over the weekend.

Farzad Fazeli, a 35-year-old Castro Valley, CA resident, attempted to stab Peters with a switchblade on Sunday. Peters had been working an election booth at a local festival when the attack occurred.

Witnesses stated that Fazeli approached Peters and began screaming “disparaging remarks” about elected officials in general, and Republicans in particular. At one point, according to Peters, Fazeli began screaming “fuck Trump, fuck Trump!” This was while Fazeli was standing in front of Peters’ booth making obscene gestures.

Initially Fazeli looked like he was turning away to leave. That’s when Fazeli reportedly screamed “I’ll show you,” and threw a coffee cup at Peters. Fazeli then charged the booth and grappled with Peters, at which point he pulled a switchblade and screamed “I’m gonna kill you, motherfucker!” The switchblade malfunctioned, and Fazeli retreated. He was arrested later at a nearby bank.

Rudy Peters is running against Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell for his seat in California’s 15th Congressional District.

Eric Swalwell sent the following tweet condemning the violence on Tuesday:

Typically Democrats are the ones urging their supporters to get in their opponents’ faces. High-level Democrats such as Rep. Maxine Waters have demanded their followers protest and harass Trump supporters at restaurants and make them feel unwelcome anywhere they are.

Democrat Rep. Tom Suozzi called on his supporters to use the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution to violently resist President Trump:

Local Democrat candidates have engaged in hateful rhetoric towards Trump supporters as well. The Democrat candidate for sheriff in Bancombe County, North Carolina, Daryl Fisher, infamously joked about how he would like to kill gun owners:

The Mainstream Media has encouraged such harassment of Trump supporters and officials. In fact, CNN has engaged in such harassment itself. You may recall last year when CNN contributor Andrew Kaczynzki blackmailed a redditor for creating a meme that hurt their feelings. CNN also doxxed an old woman because of her involvement in a pro-Trump Facebook group that may or may not have unknowingly interacted with Russian agents.


More recently, CNN’s Andrew Cuomo attempted to justify using violence against political enemies because Trump supporters are just Nazis:

Eric Swalwell’s own condemnation of the attempted murder of his political opponent would be a welcome change of pace. Except for the fact that Rep. Swalwell himself has engaged in the same kind of hateful rhetoric as the rest of the Left. Swalwell outright called President Trump a traitor to the country for daring to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Farzad Fazeli’s attack on Rudy Peters was clearly motivated by politics. Peters has been an outspoken supporter of President Trump. In fact, Peters’ own campaign website details his very pro-Trump agenda.

Is Eric Swalwell responsible for the attempted murder of his opponent Rudy Peters by a crazed Leftist on Sunday? Of course not. Swalwell did not specifically call on Democrat supporters to murder his opponent.

However, Swalwell and the Democrats have used the politics of hate and division to paint President Trump as a traitor and an illegitimate president. Their toadies in the Mainstream Media have dutifully parroted this lie since President Trump won in 2016. Not only that, but they have extended the smears to President Trump’s own supporters.

Is it any wonder that Leftists that have marinated in hate and violent messages for over two years are beginning to take matters into their own hands?


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